Fun With Coby White's Big Night: Records, Quotes, Highlights, Smiles, More

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Fun With Coby White’s Big Night: Records, Quotes, Highlights, Smiles, More

Chicago Bulls

If Coby White wasn’t already on your radar, he is now.

Last night against the Knicks, the Bulls rookie practically nailed as many three-pointers as he did “wows” in his draft night press conference, posting one of the most impressive (and franchise record-setting) single-quarter shooting performances by a rookie ever.

The whole thing was endless fun, so let’s just share with you a bunch of cool stuff from last night!


  • First things first, relive the greatness!

  • After the game, in typical fashion, White was nothing but humble. Just watch him crack a smile when he’s told he’s the youngest player ever to hit seven threes in a game – awesome.

  • Coby White >>> JR Smith. That’s just facts.

  • Seriously though, that shows you just how ridiculous last night’s shooting performance was (and I guess just how clutch JR Smith once was).
  • UNC head coach Roy Williams was in attendance to watch his former starting point guard go off, and now White wants him at every single game this year. Watch White’s full postgame interview with NBC Sports Chicago’s Leila Rahimi for a bunch of feels:

  • The New York Knicks and Memphis Grizzlies have now both been “Coby-ed.”

  • Where do I sign?

Celebrate Good Times:

  • Correction … lower RIGHT-HAND corner of this clip (stupid-Michael):

Breaking Records:

  • Coby White just casually breaking NBA and franchise records 11 games into his NBA career. He’s now the first member of the Bulls to hit seven three-pointers in one quarter, and the youngest player in NBA history to hit seven threes in a game! All the hugs!

Author: Elias Schuster

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