Jim Boylen Wants to Build the Field of Dreams on the Hardwood and Other Bulls Bullets

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Jim Boylen Wants to Build the Field of Dreams on the Hardwood and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Happy Saturday or second-round of Thanksgiving leftovers Day!

*Stuffs mouth with stuffing and mumbles:* Let’s do some Bullets!

  • After another loss, instead of confronting the Bulls real problems, Boylen decided to quote the Field of Dreams. No, really:

  • I don’t even know what to say. Just, wow.
  • Playing the Trail Blazers for the second time in three games, the Bulls managed to hold their own. When these two teams first met, Chicago was smacked around in the second half, being outscored 30-18 in the third quarter. While Carmelo Anthony almost mimicked his season-high 25-point performance last night with 23, Chicago was able to play a complete ballgame. The performance looked like one of the Bulls’ more competitive efforts this season, but it’s hard to take any progress away from a game that isn’t a win at this point.
  • The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry knows what I’m talking about. He points out in his recap that “season-long bugaboos, while they might be addressed, aren’t being fixed. Friday night it was an all-too-familiar pair — rebounding and finishing.” He’s right. The Bulls actually won the rebounding battle by a single board, but it felt like all the ones that mattered went to big man Hassan Whiteside. The Blazers’ center scooped up 15 rebounds and a staggering 10 blocks. Somehow, someway, the Bulls will find a way to let one player destroy them.
  • The Bulls are now a quarter of the way through their season, and Lauri Markkanen still looks just as broken as ever.

  • At what point is this no longer a slump? Have we already reached that point? I think we all know Markkanen has the skill set to be an elite player, but something isn’t clicking (*cough* probably coaching*cough*).  I’m scared.
  • In another rendition of “Boylen doesn’t yank guys” … Boylen yanked a guy:

  • I’ve done this 14 times now:

  • Daniel Gafford continues to look like he’ll be a valuable piece in the future:

  • Coby White looks like he is going to be special, too:

  • Alright, two positives!
  • Don’t worry guys, everything only gets harder from here on out!

  • A friendly reminder that the Bulls waived Spencer Dinwiddie in 2016:

  • Well, we’ll always have the G.O.A.T:


  • Have a good weekend!

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