Revenge Against the Warriors, Defense Trending Up, Unexpected Splits, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Revenge Against the Warriors, Defense Trending Up, Unexpected Splits, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Last night, I had a dream I was stuck searching for my car in a never-ending parking lot.

Honestly, it was one of the most frustrating dreams I’ve ever had. I wasn’t even with friends like in that episode of Seinfeld. It was just me and a bunch of cars … all of which weren’t mine. I would have rather had a nightmare. (Michael: I think you did.)

  • We all know the Bulls’ last two wins weren’t exactly against NBA powerhouses, but Chicago finally took care of business against weaker opponents, and that’s worth something. Tonight, the team can really prove they’ve learned a valuable lesson in the art of “winning games you’re supposed to” by exacting revenge on the Golden State Warriors. Nobody embarrassed the Bulls more this season than this injury-plagued roster, beating them 104-90 on November 27th.
  • Yup, the Bulls scored just 90 points against the Warriors, despite their worst-ranked defensive rating in the league (at the time). A win tonight is necessary, but it still doesn’t prove this squad has turned a corner. As I mentioned yesterday, this two-game winning-streak simply helped the Bulls get over one hump. Maybe tonight they can get over another.
  • Two key players will be on the court tonight though who weren’t a little over one week ago. D’Angelo Russell and Kevon Looney are both back from injury. Russell’s athleticism could give the Bulls backcourt all kinds of trouble, but even with him back there, this team just hasn’t been scoring. The Warriors (4-19) haven’t won a game since beating the Bulls, and since getting Russell back two games ago, they have scored only 79 and 91 points, respectively.
  • Maybe the Bulls can keep it that way?

  • What the heck is going on with this Bulls defense? I’m having a hard time understanding if this is related to something like the scheme’s naturally heavy turnover margin or the team actually starting to comprehend their roles. It’s hard to really dissect things over these last couple of games with the Bulls not playing any high-flying offenses. I feel like any team with a decent backcourt combo can carve up this blitzing attack. The Bulls have done a decent job in the halfcourt I guess, forcing opponents to throw up attempts late in the shot clock, but I still have yet to be all that impressed. I need to see a competitive effort against the Raptors or Heat to really get on board.
  • Here’s another bizarre fact:

  • I asked Will to send over what he was looking at for this, and while it’s interesting, it’s also all relative. For example, I don’t think the Bulls bench mob is better than a Clippers lineup that includes Beverley, Shamet, Patterson, Leonard, and Zubac. Regardless, this still helps demonstrate a pretty nice improvement in the depth department for the Bulls. In several games, we’ve seen a majority bench lineup come onto the floor and either extend the Bulls lead or keep them in the game. Today’s (not so) Hot Take: Having a bench is better than not having a bench.
  • If you’re saying the Bulls would be better without LaVine … you’re just wrong.


  • My friend Adam here is speaking the truth.

  • I still can’t wrap my head around how this team has managed to do the exact opposite of what many of us expected for this season. I’m not referring to the win column, I’m just talking about the general offensive and defensive production. Somehow, the Bulls have turned themselves into (maybe) an above-average defensive squad and one of the worst offensive teams in the league. Why!? How!? While it feels like this could level out at some point, it’s just been perplexing.
  • Coby and Zach on two very different islands.

  • #FlashbackFriday!

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