Yelling at Boylen, Markkanen's Minutes, Carter Jr. Still Not Shooting, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Yelling at Boylen, Markkanen’s Minutes, Carter Jr. Still Not Shooting, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Good news = It’s Saturday!

Bad news = The Bulls have to play the Clippers tonight!

Good news = You don’t have to watch it!

Bad news = But that still won’t help stop the pain in your heart.

Bullets time!

  • Everything’s a mess.

  • The angst and frustration for Bulls’ fans is at an all-time high in Chicago, and trust me, I get it. However, I can’t get behind interactions quite like this. Could the fan have said much worse? Sure, but that isn’t really the point. Jim Boylen deserves to be criticized for everything from his ridiculous postgame quotes to his in-game management – I think we can all agree upon that. Although, there is a time, place, and way to give those critiques (aka not shouting them in his face as he walks off the floor). A great way for fans to hold their team accountable is by doing exactly what they have been doing – hit the ownership in the wallet and keep attendance low. Buying a ticket only to end up screaming directly at Boylen just ain’t it.
  • The Athletic’s Jon Greenberg reminds all of us the Bulls’ problems are bigger than Boylen. Change must start right at the top for this organization to turn itself around, and Boylen is merely a byproduct of poor front office management. As I said, it’s totally fair to be upset with the head coach, but the nonsense needs to be cut-off at its source.
  • After all, all three of these guys declared making the playoffs as the goal of the season.

  • Every night, the Bulls show us how far away a playoff appearance actually is. It’s a mirage. 

  • For more information on the game itself, and to see some other instant Twitter reactions, make sure to check out last night’s postgame.
  • Boylen sat him on the bench for practically 15 straight minutes in the game while Thaddeus Young pulled in more time on the court. Is it just me or does Lauri Markkanen sound brainwashed? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR PRECIOUS FINNISHER, BULLS!?

  • Also, not only is it absurd to bench Markkanen that long while he’s been on his better stretches of the season, but it also goes against everything Boylen has been preaching from the start. To our displeasure, Boylen has been repeating his efforts to “develop” and “grow” this team, yet benching his 22-year-old player for his oldest player goes directly against that notion.
  • OHHHHH. That’s why the Bulls scored the lowest total of any NBA team this season … they were scared of Kahlil Mack’s defense!

  • I swear, this coaching staff better not be stunting Wendell Carter Jr.’s growth. He’s proving this season to be one of the best young big men in the league, and the Bulls should be taking full advantage of that. Let the guy shoot and get him the ball.

  • On a rare positive note:

  • Meanwhile, the team up north is fun. I want the Bulls to be fake beating each other up. Instead, they’re just beating up my emotions!

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is a writer for Bleacher Nation and a human being. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.