Big Nights in the G-League, Carter Jr. Can't Catch a Break, the Joy of Coby, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Big Nights in the G-League, Carter Jr. Can’t Catch a Break, the Joy of Coby, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Ugh, this feels truer each and everyday.

Bullets time!

  • To  briefly prolong talking about the mess that is the Chicago Bulls, let’s start with NBA G-League content (everyone’s favorite)! Two-way player Max Strus actually lit it up last night for the Windy City Bulls, dropping 31 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. I’m a little surprised head coach Damian Cotter let Strus toss up 24 shots, but … hey, it’s the G-League! Why the heck not?

  • Guess who else had a surprisingly solid G-League performance last night? Cristiano Felicio. Sorry, I know that name can induce sudden temptation to punch a whole through a wall. The Bulls sent him down to run with the Windy City crew yesterday for a rehab stint since he’s coming off a wrist injury, and the overpaid big man posted a double-double. He also hit a 3!?

  • The Windy City Bulls record sits at .500, so if your dying to see a team with “Bulls” across the chest pick up a couple of wins, the NBA G-League might be the place for you!
  • Back to the Bulls’ big leagues (sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the two), turns out NBA referees upheld this bonkers foul call on Wendell Carter Jr. in their Last Two Minute Report.

  • Why do NBA refs hate Wendell? Did he like dunk on all of their kids in AAU or something? If so, they deserved it.
  • As I’m sure many of us can tell from the eye-test alone, the Bulls net rating gets progressively worse as the game goes on.

  • If you ask me, this proves two important things (1) the Bulls have barely any chemistry and (2) Jim Boylen can’t make in-game adjustments to save his life. Both are obvious, but both are reenforced through this stat. As other teams click and pick up the intensity throughout the game, the Bulls do the exact opposite. And when Boylen is tasked with making the appropriate fixes at the half-way mark, he just hurts this team even more.
  • Speaking of Boylen trying to make adjustments, yesterday I discussed how the Bulls’ head coach is trying to teach his team something even he know nothing about: Winning.

  • Reminder: Literally anyone can pummel the Hawks.

  • I’m convinced Ricky O’Donnell turns into the Hulk when he talks about the Bulls.

  • I never thought talking about Kris Dunn would make for some of the happiest content of the season … but here we are.

  • When and don’t: Show Coby White enjoying life!

  • If the Bulls didn’t have Coby White, I’m pretty sure this Bulls season would feel even more depressing (which, I know, is hard to imagine). The rookie is soaking in his first taste of the NBA at 19-years-old, and even when the Bulls are embarrassingly blowing leads, White serves as a good reminder that it’s just a game.

  • A reminder that Luis over at BN Bears and a couple of my other basketball buddies have their own Bulls podcast! I promise, these guys are just as upset as you, so give it a listen.

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