Will LaVine Finally Gets His All-Star Nod? And Other Bulls Bullets

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Will LaVine Finally Gets His All-Star Nod? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

We’re back! Let’s get sad!

I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a great day yesterday, and to the rest of the BN folks out there: Happy Holidays! Or Bah Humbug! Or whatever you want. I’m a big fan of the Holiday season in general, as it’s a great time to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened over the past year … like joining Bleacher Nation! So here’s a big ole THANKS to all the readers, tweeters, likers, commenters, and, yes, even haters following along!

Back to the depressing Bulls! It’s NOT the most wonderful time of the year for Bulls basketball! 

  • Yesterday marked the official start of the 2020 All-Star Game voting! Hard to say any Bulls player is currently worthy of cracking the roster, but feel free to still vote your little heart out!

  • Last season, Zach LaVine received more fan votes than several All-Stars, but ultimately, the team’s poor record wasn’t enough to push him over the edge. If fans can keep his tally high once again (and, of course, he keeps his numbers up), it’s not crazy to think LaVine can make his first All-Star appearance this season. Plus, with the event set in Chicago, the NBA will probably be looking for an excuse to have a representative on the roster. As a reminder: K.C. Johnson wrote about who’s likely to stand in LaVine’s way of making the cut, and it’s a good rundown. Honestly, I’m pulling for the guy. He’s made an obvious effort to improve his decision-making and defensive game (while it still may not be great), and several of his offensive numbers are right near the top of the leaderboards.
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  • K.C. Johnson hits up with his latest mailbag, and he’s answering questions on some important topics.

  • Johnson briefly touches on the status of Otto Porter, which is basically the same as it’s always been. To quote him directly: “… he’s nowhere close to returning.” Ugh. Porter’s still in a walking boot and has two more weeks to go before a reevaluation. Then, if cleared (and that’s a big if) he’ll need time to get game-ready, which I think is safe to assume will take at least a week or so. Moral of the story, it’ll probably be at least another month before Porter rejoins the team.
  • Out of players with 25+ games, LaVine is 9th in usage rating.

  • Buzz was pure evil.

  • The Bulls make me so angry at times, but I have to admit, this team is full of some extremely likable guys. Every Run With Us episode has been a joy to watch, and it’s been refreshing to see these guys have a good time with one another. These videos are made to show this team in their best light, but insincerity can still shine through in promotional products like this, so I genuinely think this team has got some genuinely good dudes on it. Maybe not running it.



  • How Chicago is Patrick Beverley?

  • This Chicago …



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