What In the World Was Boylen Thinking on Gafford's Injury? And Other Bulls Bullets

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What In the World Was Boylen Thinking on Gafford’s Injury? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’m already 100 percent sure this season of The Bachelor will be more eventful, exciting, dramatic, and fun than the rest of this Bulls season.

  • The Bulls let their son drive the golf cart, and now it’s totaled outside the 18th green. Jim Boylen has stood on the sideline – over Chicago’s first 37 games – trying to do his best impersonation of a head coach. He’s screamed, clapped, paced, and clapped some more, but his inability to manage the game itself has been evident from the opening night loss to the Charlotte Hornets. Since then, Boylen’s in-game decision-making has only gotten worse, and last night was a clear example.

  • Gafford dropped to the floor clutching his ankle at the end of the second quarter, and Boylen didn’t even blink an eye. Instead of trying to stop the clock in any way, the Bulls head coach kept Gafford in the game. The refs were just as confused as all of us.

  • I guess Boylen tried to make a substitution, but the only (MAJOR) problem with that – he couldn’t. The Mavericks ended up fouling to stop the clock so Gafford could come out of the game. Yup, Rick Carlisle took care of a Bulls’ player before their OWN head coach. The whole confusing, ridiculous situation is summed up well by the Mavs color commentator’s final remark: “I’m still not 100 percent sure what I just witnessed.” Boylen continues to find new ways to embarrass himself.
  • Fortunately, Gafford came back into the game later on and played through a minor ankle sprain, according to Boylen. The same couldn’t be said for Wendell Carter Jr., who suffered his own ankle injury during the third quarter and had to be wheel-chaired into the locker room. The x-rays came back negative, but he should be getting an MRI today for a more detailed diagnosis of the injury. Carter Jr. did speak with media following the game and, at least, expressed some high spirits. And, for what it’s worth, famous Twitter Doc David J. Chao said it could’ve looked worse than it really was.

  • Still, I’m just going to expect he misses a couple of games and be surprised if it’s anything less. Keep in mind, the Bulls have a back-to-back this weekend, so chances are (if he’s making a speedy recovery) the team will be really careful about playing him in both games.
  • Any time opposing coaches say this about a losing team, it feels like a back-handed compliment.

  • Kris Dunn couldn’t stay out of foul trouble and, thus, Luka Doncic destroyed the Bulls. Doncic scored 21 points in the third quarter with his full arsenal of talent on display. For a recap of the dominance, check out The Athletic. For a recap of the reaction, check out NBC Sports Chicago.
  • In general, last night’s matchup was just another conflicting loss. All things considered, the Bulls played decently well. Six players scored in double figures again, while both LaVine and Markkanen scored 20 or more points. Tomas Satoransky also had a double-double with 11 points and 14 assists. Although time and time again these players are seeing that (1) star players and (2) smart coaching wins out almost every time.
  • Keeps getting worse.

  • Gafford, despite the injury, went 6-6. All of his makes were dunks.

  • Speaking of dunks … DO THE DUNK CONTEST, ZACH!

  • The news broke yesterday that LaVine has received his invitation to the dunk contest but has not yet accepted. He spoke with the media before last night’s game about the subject and sounded a bit more interested in the 3-point contest.

Author: Elias Schuster

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