Listening to LaVine, Markkanen Makes History, Credit to Kornet, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Listening to LaVine, Markkanen Makes History, Credit to Kornet, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I wouldn’t call myself a morning person, but I really enjoy waking up and having a lot to do. My brain feels more active (or maybe that’s the coffee) and the day feels a bit more meaningful.

Let’s take a bite out of life and do some bullets!

  • The NBA trade deadline is 13 days away! And as of now, only one rumor holds much weight for the Chicago Bulls – Thaddeus Young to the Los Angeles Clippers. By no means is this anything to hang your hat on, but the closer the deadline comes, the more this one seems to be heating up. The Sun-Times reiterated the reported interest in Young yesterday, but even more interesting was the news of another player popping up on the Clippers’ radar.
  • According to Joe Cowley, Kris Dunn is also grabbing some attention from one of the league’s top title contenders. We talked more about it this morning:

  • In the same article by the Sun-Times, Zach LaVine talks about helping the front office find the right piece: “I mean, if they come to me and let me know, I think it would be great. If not, I’m not taking offense to it, either. It’s not something that I’m asking for. ‘I know what I stand for. I’m trying to help us get there, and I don’t think you can question what my intentions are.” In many ways, if the Bulls plan to ride things out with LaVine, finding out what he thinks is best couldn’t hurt. The only problem is that normally, this discussion is had with a team’s No. 1 player. And as I’ve mentioned before, while LaVine is currently the Bulls No. 1 player, he’s not quite built to be the clear alpha. A legitimate No. 2 option? Sure. Absolutely. But the Bulls are still waiting to find their bona fide star. Then again … if we can’t trust this FO, maybe we can trust LaVine!
  • Lauri Markkanen may be struggling, but he still made NBA history.

  • Now, nobody shows Jim Boylen this! Got it!? We can’t give him any more reasons to think Markkanen should be taking more spot-up 3-pointers.
  • Speaking of which, the Bulls need to get Markkanen the ball early and often.

  • When The Finnisher is at his best, it’s because he got off to a hot start. Michael and I wrote more about it yesterday, so check it out. It’s not only about how the Bulls get Markkanen to score, but it’s also about when.
  • I always make sure to give credit where credit is due, and Luke Korent deserves some credit. Since coming in for the injured Wendell Carter Jr. and Daniel Gafford, Kornet has made up for his atrocious early-season start. He has scored in double-figures in five of his last seven games and has been passable in the rim-protection department. I don’t believe his recent stint has earned him any rotation time once Carter Jr. or Gafford returns, but it’s at least making these last few games far less painful than the could be. Forbes Contributor Jason Patt wrote more about him and *gulp* Cristiano Felicio.
  • Also, say what you will about Chandler Hutchison, but the guy works his butt off.

  • The All-Star Game starters were announced last night! If you’re interested in seeing how the voting finished up, the NBA shares all the results here. LaVine’s All-Star fate now rests in the hands of the NBA coaches. Reserve members will be announced on January 30th.
  • Bulls-Kings tonight will be the battle of the back-up bigs! Woohoo!

  • Draft them all. Run it back.

  • GET UP, BOY.

Author: Elias Schuster

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