Boylen's Timeout for "Development," LaVine's Frustration, Gafford, Dunk Contest, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Boylen’s Timeout for “Development,” LaVine’s Frustration, Gafford, Dunk Contest, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Everyone keeps saying now that football is over, it’s baseball season, but what about basketball!?

The Trade Deadline and the race for the playoffs is right around the corner. If you forget about that whole “Bulls suck” kind of thing, the NBA can be kind of exciting!

  • The Bulls head coach may not call a timeout when his player is rolling around in pain, but he’ll surely call one when his team is down 25 with one-minute remaining in the game! Toronto Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong couldn’t believe his eyes when Jim Boylen stopped the game yesterday, and he let the audience know exactly how he felt …

  • Boylen calls a timeout like it’s a big word he doesn’t quite know how to use. Sometimes he’ll throw “bellwether” in a sentence correctly and look around to see if anyone notices, but more often than not, we’re left wondering what the hell he’s thinking. Intelligent NBA bellwethers know when to properly use a timeout.
  • After the game, Boylen defended his last timeout call on the basis of “development.” While I understand the theory of playing until the final buzzer sounds, I’m almost positive whatever Boylen is trying to teach two-way player Adam Mokoka in the final seconds of a blowout loss on the road isn’t going to stick with him.

  • What’s one positive that came out of Boylen’s bizarre decision-making? How about this Zach LaVine clip!?

  • (1) LOL (2) Nothing demonstrates the disconnect within the Bulls organization better than this moment. The players are going about their season just as confused as we are. While the men upstairs are said to have full confidence in their new head coach, the players on the court are literally asking themselves “WHY!?” mid-game.
  • Believe it or not (sarcasm alert), Zach LaVine wasn’t thrilled after yesterday’s 129-102 loss. He failed to score 20+ points in a game for the first time since December, and according to him, it was all because he was “trying to play the right way.” Let’s be clear, the “right way” for this Bulls team at the moment is centered around LaVine scoring 20+ a game. If he isn’t doing that, this Bulls team has no chance.
  • The frustration continues to boil over for LaVine, who commented on his demeanor at the end of the game (via NBC Sports Chicago): “I was just upset man. It gets frustrating when you lose. I’ve been going through it the last three years here. I’m like anybody else. We’re human. You have human reactions and feelings. You’re going to get frustrated.” Same here, bud.
  • The NBA Trade Deadline is on Thursday! We’ll keep you updated on all the latest rumors throughout the week and, of course, act fast on anything Bulls specific. As things stand, Chicago doesn’t seem to be hitting the market hard, but we know Thaddeus Young, Kris Dunn, and Denzel Valentine have drawn some interest over the past several weeks. Forbes Contributor Jason Patt gives a good rundown of where the Bulls are at heading into this week, so check it out!
  • Ahead of the All-Star game, NBC Sports Chicago sat down the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a two-part interview. The first half focuses on the All-Star Game changes and the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. The second half of the interview will be released tomorrow.

  • Daniel Gafford was a steal (probably the 10,345th time I’ve said that).

  • Milwaukee Bucks Pat Connaughton accepted his invitation for the Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago. The more names that commit, the less likely it feels that Zach LaVine will participate.

  • The GOAT is everywhere.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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