NBA Trade Deadline: Bulls Stay Silent, Russell to Minnesota, Iguodala Joins Butler in Miami, Drummond, Morris, More | Bleacher Nation

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NBA Trade Deadline: Bulls Stay Silent, Russell to Minnesota, Iguodala Joins Butler in Miami, Drummond, Morris, More

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls sat on their hands.

The 2020 NBA Trade Deadline has officially passed, and the Bulls have the same roster they started with. Over the past several weeks, rumors were tossed back and forth about Kris Dunn, Thaddeus Young, and Denzel Valentine. However, as injuries to the Bulls starters loomed and the legitimate interest around the league proved surface-level (at best), all three players will finish out the year in Chicago.

But considering the position the Bulls are in, it feels pretty irresponsible to stand pat. If a deal wasn’t on the table, that’s one thing (although, even that proves there’s a fundamental issue within the organization). But if the Bulls weren’t even picking up the phone (so to speak), that’s just absurd. Throughout this entire trade season, I’ve never said the Bulls need to trade any “core” pieces (even when teams were reportedly inquiring about LaVine), but this team should have 100 percent seriously entertained moving Thaddeus Young and Denzel Valentine.

Young’s fit on this team has been dysfunctional at best, especially with Lauri Markkanen playing such a vital role in what this team is at least trying to do. And leaving Valentine on the roster after Jim Boylen has expressed nothing but disdain for him is unexplainable. Valentine will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and the Bulls are now likely to let him walk for nothing (literally any type of high-upside lottery ticket player, no matter how unlikely he is to reach that level, is better than nothing).

My only hope for now is that this ownership group does, in fact, have plans to revamp the front office at season’s end. If that’s the case, then maybe … just MAYBE … you can justify leaving the roster there for a new mind to toy with (Michael: Ah, a good old fashioned lame duck front office – I can see it).

No matter the case, a cloud of frustration continues to hover over the United Center.

In other news, plenty of other teams were active this deadline, so let’s quickly run through that (brought to you by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski).

  • BOOM. In the biggest trade of the afternoon, Minnesota finally got their guy.

  • Finalized today and agreed upon last night. Andre Iguodala will join Jimmy Butler in Miami, and the Heat look to be all-in on trying to make a run.

  • The Clippers went ahead and scooped-up Marcus Morris instead of Thaddeus Young. Can you blame them? No, no you can’t.

  • Probably the weirdest trade of the afternoon. Maybe the Cavaliers think they can re-sign him?

  • Fine.

  • Washington sent off point guard Isaiah Thomas as part of the three-team Clippers trade, so they needed a point guard.

  • Cool.

  • I’m pretty sure Trae Young said he wanted a center, so then his front office went out and got him three (Labisssiere joins Clint Capela and Dewayne Dedmon.

  • All right.

  • The Lakers made no trades, but it might because they’re thinking of adding another way:

Author: Elias Schuster

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