Charles Barkley Wants to Know What the Heck Is Going on With the Bulls? And Other Bulls Bullets

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Charles Barkley Wants to Know What the Heck Is Going on With the Bulls? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Great … the NBA is given more reasons to hate Chicago.

  • The NBA’s best of the best have started trickling into the Chicagoland area ahead of All-Star Weekend (by the way, sorry about the weather). And one of the league’s biggest personalities – Charles Barkley – joined ESPN 1000’s Waddle and Silvy show at the Chicago Cut Steakhouse yesterday to talk sports. In a very non-shocking development, the trio’s discussion on the Chicago Bulls didn’t last too long. When Barkley was asked about his thoughts on the team, he fired back with a question of his own: “What the hell is going on?” Hey, don’t look at me. We’re just as lost as you, Chuck.
  • Briefly, Barkley mentioned his disappointment in Lauri Markkanen (whom he believed had the makings of baby Dirk) and also commented on the Bulls poor front office. “We fired a bunch of coaches and it’s not working, we might need to make a change … At some point, you have to say ‘it’s not the coaches.'” I mean, it’s also definitely Jim Boylen, but he’s right, the main problem is rooted in who hired (and extended) Jim Boylen.
  • Also on the Chicago airwaves yesterday, NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson joined 670 The Score’s Mully & Haugh show to discuss the Bulls much-needed All-Star break. During the show, Johnson partially attributed Boylen’s late timeout calling and poor question answering to a defensive personality. It’s clear Boylen isn’t a fan of having his decisions called into question, but instead of trying to help people understand his questionable decisions, he opts for the “because I said so” response. Classy. Smart. Useful. Great.
  • Zach LaVine has been left off the preliminary Team USA 44-man roster, which feels like a huge middle finger. However, Johnson tries to ease the tension by reminding folks that Team USA isn’t making up a roster of the best 44 players. The organization not only looks for “glue guys,” but also rewards previous participation. Why else do you think players like Mason Plumlee or Derrick White are still invited? And, for what it’s worth, LaVine technically did receive a late invite to Team USA for the FIBA World Cup and turned it down. Maybe that plays into why he’s now getting the cold shoulder?
  • Speaking of LaVine, the Bulls leading scorer got all dressed up and took some fancy-schmancy pictures with Haute Living. The publication also shared an interview with LaVine, where he commented on his dedication to riding out this tough-stretch in Chicago: “Taking on the role of the face of the franchise is something that’s going to come with criticisms and ups and downs, especially when we haven’t been winning. But I am going to bring [the franchise] back to being one of the top teams out there. I’m going to spearhead that, get to the playoffs and compete for championships. I’m here for all that; I know I can take it. I’m mentally strong enough. I’m tough enough to go through the bumps and the bruises and still be here.”
  • Aww, LaVine’s got such sweet dreams … now back to this reality!


  • #ThrowbackThursday

  • Chicago ballers stick together! *Whispers:* as long as they don’t have to play in Chicago.

  • Oh, Wendell, I can assure you that we will.


  • All-Star Weekend bringing out the big guns.

  • LOL

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