Beverley Nails the Bulls, LaVine's Respectable 3-Point Performance, White's 3-Point Company, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Beverley Nails the Bulls, LaVine’s Respectable 3-Point Performance, White’s 3-Point Company, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Whenever I think about anything the Bulls do, it’s always this face followed by complete rage (and then sometimes tears):

  • All-Star Weekend = Good for Chicago, bad for the Bulls. Whether it be loud “fire GarPax” chants erupting on ESPN, or Charles Barkley asking the tough questions, the Bulls can’t find a way out of the negative spotlight. Yesterday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski recorded a live episode of “The Woj Pod” at the Lincoln Hall theater in Chicago. Luis and I (along with our friend Adam), were lucky enough to be in attendance, and it didn’t disappoint. Jackie McMullan, Ryen Russillo, and Patrick Beverley all joined Woj for a great hour-long discussion about league culture, Chicago basketball, and, of course, the depressing Bulls!
  • Side-note: I “love” how the national media feel obligated to squeeze in a smidge of Bulls talk this weekend, even if the conversation is always introduced hesitantly. After about two minutes, everyone feels awkward and sad. It’s like when your parents decide it’s time to have “the talk.” You don’t have to do this, Mom. I already know! 
  • Anyway, the best moment of the night came when Woj prefaced a question to Beverley with: “In a perfect world where the Bulls are run well…” Immediately, the crowd started cheering for what felt like a solid minute. Nothing gets Bulls fans excited like some front office ridicule! Woj proceeded to ask Beverley if Chicago could become a free agent destination in the future, and while his short answer was “yes,” Beverley described how, if the culture doesn’t change, the Bulls will not change.
  • “Yeah, but the Bulls have to have, not only the Bulls, but teams have to have confidence and take a chance on things that don’t really go with the numbers. Obviously, I was a free agent, I had a chance to go with the Bulls this year. And I told my friends, we’d talk every day, I play with this team, with the team they have right now, we’re making the playoffs. It has nothing to do with skill. It’s just I’m going to change the locker room in there. That losing “shit,” that attitude … I’m not trying to hear that bro.” Can Beverley be the Bulls next GM?
  • Give the whole podcast a listen here, and read more about how Vinny Del Negro once told Beverley he couldn’t play defense at NBC Sports Chicago.
  • Zach LaVine tried to put on a show last night in Chicago, but he fell just short.

  • In what felt symbolic, LaVine finished in 4th-place, one spot shy of qualifying for the final round. In other words, he couldn’t do just enough to get over the hump. In other other words, the story of his NBA career. At least LaVine showed the home crowd he didn’t deserve the longest-odds out of any contestant.
  • Check out his very respectable performance:

  • A solid performance or not, LaVine wanted to win:

  • Speaking of crazy dunks, last night’s dunk contest may have somehow been one of the best and worst I’ve ever seen. Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. put on an absolute show. However, when push came to shove, it felt like the event either should have ended in a tie or with a Gordon victory. Instead, Jones Jr. walked away with the trophy, and according to Malika Andrews, it was on accident:

  • Let this be a reminder to everyone though:


  • The good old days.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.