The National Media Chimes in on the Potential Front Office Changes and Other Bulls Bullets

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The National Media Chimes in on the Potential Front Office Changes and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

What was your favorite part of All-Star Weekend?

*Stares at you blankly like Dora the Explorer*

I liked that part too!

  • While All-Star Weekend has come to an end, the Chicago Bulls have started (continued?) their front office search in earnest. According to reports from the Sun-Times and NBC Sports Chicago, Michael Reinsdorf used these past several days to lay the groundwork for an eventual offseason change. The reports may not be exactly what the fans chanting “Fire GarPax” on national television want to hear, but it sure is a start:

  • As the local reports broke, the national media chimed in. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that Reinsdorf has used this weekend to gather “background on potential candidates to take over the franchise’s basketball operations.” By no means am I saying we can’t trust the word of our local beat reporters, but when Woj throws his hat into the ring, we know things have become even more legit. ESPN’s confirmation confirms that this is a national storyline: the Bulls are looking past in-house adjustments and appear to be seeking out league-wide candidates. What does that mean? Well, it’s still unclear whom the Bulls are looking at and what role they would step into, but, hey, I think we should be avoiding John Paxson in a mustache! Progress!
  • The Sun-Times seems to believe the job will be that of a new General Manager (which is consistent with the news reported on Gar Forman’s job security in the past). However, NBC Sports Chicago wasn’t as quick to put a label on the opening, simply reporting that the new hire would have an “empowered presence.” As more information leaks over the coming weeks, this “whom” and “what” will be one of the hottest topics.
  • Relatedly, the Ringer’s Ryen Russillo joined ESPN 1000’s Bleck and Abdalla to jump-start the conversation on what the Bulls should be looking for in this new addition.

  • A young buck with something to prove is what Russillo believes this Bulls team needs at the helm. Unfortunately, similar to the Knicks, the Bulls have become one of those organizations that could be considered an impressive challenge. The job itself could swallow a new-hire whole, but it also could turn an optimistic professional into one of the game’s most well-respected front office faces (risk-reward and all that). I truly think the job itself is a desirable one in league circles, as long as the Bulls don’t limit themselves. For example, if the “what” in the job description includes working entirely or directly under John Paxson, then I have to believe the interview pool goes down quite a bit. Some sense of legitimate autonomy has to part of the pitch.
  • Don’t remind us! (Also, Greenberg published a very solid column about this weekend’s festivities, so give it a read).

  • I also put Coby White in and shoot every shot with him when I play 2K.


  • Is this the best flex in NBA history?

  • Joakim Noah hopped on Barstool’s Pardon My Take to talk about his time with the Bulls and a hopeful return to the NBA. If you love Joakim, you’ll love this episode.

  • Yup, and this will continue when the Bulls get back to work on Thursday against the Charlotte Hornets!


  • The Bulls situation is bad … the Cavaliers situation might be worse?

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