Sounds Like Wendell Carter Jr. Wants to Save Jim Boylen's Job and Other Bulls Bullets

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Sounds Like Wendell Carter Jr. Wants to Save Jim Boylen’s Job and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

It’s Tuesday, so obviously I have to mention The Bachelor.

My friends and I have a weekly pool going, where points are rewarded for sending home the right woman. Last night, four of us had Sonic Model Hannah Ann going home and two had Psychopath Victoria F.

Long story short, it came down to Champagne-Gate Kelsey and Victoria F. If Kelsey goes home, then no one gets points and it’s a wash. If Victoria F. is sent packing, my two friends get a huge advantage. High stakes. Finally, Pete utters the magic words: “Victoria, will you accept this rose.”

You would have thought Derrick Rose just hit the buzzer-beater in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

This is my life right now … I need good Bulls basketball.

  • Wendell, what do you think you’re doing?

  • Forbes and BlogABull Contributor Jason Patt shared a quote from Wendell Carter Jr. this weekend where he heavily praised his first-year head coach. With the Bulls on the brink of – possibly (hopefully) – a substantial front-office change, fans are hoping that reaches all the way down to Jim Boylen, as well. However, quotes like this make Boylen out to be the “lovable, misunderstood” head coach, and the more core pieces of this Bulls roster make that claim, the more reason it gives the Reinsdorfs (or perhaps a new GM) to keep him around. I’m not sure if Carter Jr. is just playing nice for the media, but if he is, someone should tell him he doesn’t have to grossly overcompensate by saying “he’s one of my favorite coaches I’ve ever had” and “I’m just looking forward to going on with him for years to come.” I’m sure at least some of these players have respect for Boylen that feels incomprehensible to us. However, it’s truly hard for me to believe that anyone on this Bulls roster sees a future stuffed with success with him at the helm. Play nice all you want, Wendell, just please don’t save his job.
  • Speaking of firing Jim Boylen, who should the Bulls call to fill the vacancy? This discussion is still extremely pre-mature, especially since we still don’t know the fate of this front office, but The Athletic’s Jon Greenberg wrote about one name I’ve had on my radar for quite some time. Former-Bulls and current Toronto Raptors Assistant Adrian Griffin has been high on the “Respected NBA Assistants” list for awhile. If the Bulls eventually do start a coaching search, Griffin should certainly be at the top of their contact sheet.
  • David Kaplan on Sports Talk Live sparked a conversation about Michael Reinsdorf and John Paxson hitting the streets hard this past weekend to gather information on how to fix the front office. According to Kaplan, Paxson not only attended Michael Reinsdorf’s big party but also Octagon’s. In case you’re unaware, Octagon is one of the major agencies representing NBA talents like Steph Curry, Giannis Antetokounmp, Trae Young, Bam Adebayo, Tomas Satoransky, Jarrett Culver, and many more. Of course, there are several reasons Paxson could be attending both these events, but he still appears involved in the Bulls front office search.
  • The whole group of panelists on Sports Talk broke into a discussion about whether Paxson’s inclusion in the process and possible continued-power in the front office could deter worthy candidates. All of them seem to believe that’s more “radio talk” than it is valid. If the job is open, and they are reassured they have the final say while Paxson is simply in the background, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Not to mention, the guys believed All-Star Weekend did a pretty good job at reminding people how much basketball means to the city of Chicago. Fix the Bulls, be a hero.

  • Zach LaVine had one heck of a busy weekend trying to rep the Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago Tribune’s Jamal Collier wrote-up a great recap. If one thing is for sure, LaVine cares about bringing this Bulls organization back to the promise-land, and you can’t fault him for that.
  • The Daily Herald’s Mike McGraw walked us through the sad similarities that might arise between the Bulls’ past and future rebuilds. Here’s an idea, clean house and maybe the Bulls can avoid the same mistakes?

  • Wendell Carter Jr. said the Olsen Twins were from the Cosby Show. I never thought I’d write that sentence.

  • I’m convinced Michael Jordan does something great every single day of the year.

  • Uh oh, the Bulls might not be getting their defensive anchor back this season.

  • WOW.

Author: Elias Schuster

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