LaVine Closes in on a Bulls Record, White's Career High, Worse Odds Than the Thunder, and Other Bulls Bullets

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LaVine Closes in on a Bulls Record, White’s Career High, Worse Odds Than the Thunder, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Don’t let the Bulls ruin it!

  • Psssh, the Bulls got them right where they want them!

  • The Bulls will try and win the season series tonight against the Washington Wizards, but it will not be easy. Not only is this team riding an 8-game losing streak, but seven players remain bruised-up on the sideline. Yesterday, the Bulls ran a 9-man rotation against the Suns, and if it wasn’t for Coby White’s career-high 33 points, the team would have been run out of the United Center. While I think it’s fair to say the Suns have a bit more fire-power than the Wizards, when the Bulls battled them before the All-Star break, they were non-existent on the defensive end. The Bulls lost 126-114, allowing seven Washington players to score in double-figures, including a 20-point performance from rookie Rui Hachimura.
  • LaVine scored 41 points that night and it still wasn’t enough to close the gap. The Wizards showed their own inability to hold onto a lead in the first two matchups this season, but for the Bulls to stand a real chance, they need White to stay hot and a much stronger defensive effort. Maybe Wendell Carter Jr. can be cleared to play tonight?
  • “ThE gOaL FoR tHe SeAsOn iS To mAkE ThE PlAyOfFs” – JiM BoYleN

  • Jim Boylen has practically done everything in his power to ensure this team doesn’t make the playoffs. Part of that, calling repeatedly ridiculous late-game timeouts.

  • Earlier today, we talked about LaVine’s reaction to Boylen’s antics and how this season continues to be an utter trainwreck. You know, the usual.

  • Zach LaVine could very well put his name in the Bulls record books tonight!

  • I know the league has changed a bunch and blah blah blah, but LaVine’s 3-point shooting efforts this season have been extremely impressive. Last season he kind of upped this part of his game, shooting a (then) career-high 321 attempts while knocking down 120 of them. However, this season, he’s already well surpassed those totals, taking 451 attempts and sinking 171. Overall, he has the 8th most 3-pointers this season and is truly proving to be one of the league’s more legitimate threats from downtown.
  • Meanwhile, Coby White wanted to remind everyone there are plenty of reasons to be excited about his future. White scored a career-high 33 points last night and became only the third player in NBA history to have multiple games with 7+ made three-pointers in his rookie season (via Jeff Mangurten). Check out the awesome highlights:

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  • I guess Gar Forman and John Paxson have been out and about looking for new talent. Of course, the two had to make a stop at Iowa State this weekend.

  • Then, today, Forman is in Evanston for some Big Ten action. Who else is terrified he’ll fall in love with a random Northwestern bench player and promise him a pick?

  • Good stuff from Thad!

  • #LetThadCoach

  • Happy Sunday!

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