Concerns with Attracting Top-End Front Office Talent and Other Bulls Bullets

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Concerns with Attracting Top-End Front Office Talent and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

What makes for ideal “small talk?”

The weather is an obvious choice, but I’m trying to think of something a little spicier. Politics is too touchy. Sports are hit or miss. TV can be iffy. Travel maybe? Hm.

  • Who’s going to fix this mess? The more the season nears its end, the more I catch myself thinking about realistic candidates for this supposed front-office shakeup. While there has been considerably more traction on this topic than in year’s past (with at least one name already being thrown around), it’s still hard to believe “substantial” change is coming to this organization. When the same two names have been running the show for what feels like an eternity, the “I believe it when I see it” approach is the best way to keep your heart from snapping in half.
  • One frequent opinion out there, and the guys on the Bernstein & McKnight show at 670 The Score touched on this, is that the Bulls current toxic environment might limit the front office candidate pool. To be frank, this is lower on my list of concerns. Adding a new, qualified front office mind isn’t quite the same as adding a free agent. Free agents want a proven track record, new front office faces want a project (particularly if they have something to prove/are earlier in their career). Of course, that isn’t the case for every person out there, but I still believe a job opening to run the Bulls would be in pretty high demand. The third-largest city in the U.S. and the third-most valued franchise in the NBA could be quite the fun playground. I think there are reasons to be skeptical, but I also think if the Bulls are willing to open the checkbook, plenty of respectable names will be ready for an interview.
  • Once again, the Bulls are in a position to play with another depleted roster, but there is a chance Wendell Carter Jr. is back on the floor! Honestly, he makes this team at least two percent more watchable.

  • Coby White will try and continue his recent tear tonight against a pretty stacked OKC backcourt. Outplaying the likes of Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Dennis Schroder will be no easy feat, but the rookie’s newfound confidence could sneak-up on opponents once again. White spoke with The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry about his recent play and what the rest of the season means for him, so check it out.
  • Hurry! We don’t have many more games to think of a dope nickname!

  • The Chicago Bulls and NBA have announced a new season-long community program that will help Chicago organizations! According to the press release: “The effort will bring together a group of leading Chicagoland community organizations to engage youth and support families in need while working to empower the next generation of leaders …” Bigger than basketball
  • Zach LaVine Can Fly … @obvious_shirts

  • Michael Jordan spoke yesterday at the public memorial for Kobe Bryant. He gave an incredibly heartfelt speech and supplied a couple of much-needed laughs as well, give the whole thing a watch here.

  • Wow, I kind of feel bad for Bradley Beal.

Author: Elias Schuster

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