Bad News on the Jordan Doc, Silver Open to Anything, Players Having Some (Weird) Fun Online, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Bad News on the Jordan Doc, Silver Open to Anything, Players Having Some (Weird) Fun Online, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Happy St. Patricks Day!

I’m going to celebrate by wearing all green, sitting on my all green couch, and completely avoiding all human interaction!


  • Welp, I guess they’re cowards.

  • ESPN’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Scheduling Burke Magnus (what a name) announced on Tuesday that The Last Dance will not be hitting our television screens any time soon. Originally set to release in June, fans were hoping ESPN might move-up the release of its highly-anticipated 10-part documentary series to help fill this sport-less void. Unfortunately, according to Magnus (again, what a name), the series isn’t even ready to be released. And while, of course, I understand you can’t share anything until there is a finished product, this is a huge bummer. I’m sure ESPN is kicking themselves a bit for not having this thing ready to air. I’m not saying it’s necessarily right to take advantage of this troubled time, but there is no denying ESPN would have garnered an incredible amount of viewers, let alone praise, for choosing to share the documentary early. With no live sports to cling onto, this would have served as the distraction many of us need.
  • I do want to point out though, Magnus technically didn’t rule out an early release. He simply said “you can’t air it until it’s done,” so I wouldn’t be shocked to hear ESPN is trying to speed up the process a bit. In a larger quote shared by NBC Sports Chicago, Magnus did say: “Overall, any original content project that we can conceivably move up, we are obviously considering that, including films.” Fingers crossed some fairy god-editor swoops down to grant our wish!
  • Adrian Wojnarowski talked all things COVID-19 in his latest edition of the Woj Pod. The gist of the podcast is nobody, including league commissioner Adam Silver, has any clear idea of how the NBA will proceed. According to Woj, Silver is open to all ideas when it comes to figuring out a way to successfully complete this season.

  • Woj does say the league seems to prefer an idea that involves playing out the rest of the regular-season games. With some playoff matchups still too close to call and, you know, broadcast deals that are worth a ton of money, finding a way to play all scheduled games is understandably preferred. However, as Woj repeatedly makes clear, nothing is set in stone and the league is open to everything.
  • NBC Sports Chicago’s Rob Schaefer dips his foot into trying to figure out the best way to continue this season … and I think two of these options are realistic. A fun read though!

  • Social distancing is your new best friend, and The Athletic has come up with a bunch of fun things you two can do together!
  • If no basketball is tough for all of us, imagine what it’s like for the players. Sheer boredom has taken over, and we’re only on Day 6! Let’s take a look at how some guys are spending their time!
  • Thaddeus Young with some wholesome family fun.

  • Wendell Carter Jr. with, uh, the EXACT opposite.

  • Ja Morant is in denial, guys.


  • A friendly reminder that Zach LaVine performed better than Trae Young in the 2020 3-point shootout.


  • *Mike Breen Voice:* BANG, OH WHAT A WASH BY SERGE!

  • One of these is not like the other (it’s Dwayne Wade).

  • Speaking of Brady though, isn’t that wild he actually left the Patriots!?

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.