Tomas Satoransky Wants to Cancel the Rest of the Season and Go Home (And Other Bulls Bullets)

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Tomas Satoransky Wants to Cancel the Rest of the Season and Go Home (And Other Bulls Bullets)

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Friday doesn’t feel so special when literally every day feels like a Friday. And a Monday. And Gazorpsday.

  • Tomas Satoransky wants out of Chicago … not the team, just the city. In fact, Satoransky wants out of the country. The Czech Republic star spoke with Nova Sports reporter Tomas Rambousek about the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the United States. In the interview, he expressed his desire to return home to his family overseas and shared his wishes for the league to cancel the rest of the NBA season. The Daily Herald shares the important (translated) quotes here, so make sure to check it out. His comments may sound a bit harsh, but how would you feel if most of your family and friends were across the world during a global pandemic. The NBA (and country, for that matter) has made it very clear that players are not allowed to leave the states. While domestic travel is allowed, Satoransky currently has no way to get back home: “It is not pleasant at all to stay here and watch how the owners of the teams try to finish off the season in order to not lose so much money,” Satoransky said, according to a translation. “It’s not very pleasant also because we — me with my wife and daughter — would like to depart to the Czech Republic.”
  • At the end of the day, we’re all in this incredibly sucky and unfortunate situation together. The best way to handle this is to continue to stay close to home and practice the appropriate social distancing, which is something I’m sure each of us has heard almost 10,000 times. And, buckle up, because I’m sure we’re all going to hear it 10,000 times more, especially with the increase in NBA players who’ve tested positive for the virus. Yesterday, it was announced four more teams have had either a player or member of the organization contract the virus: the Nuggets, 76ers, Lakers, and Celtics.
  • You can check out the latest updates on all that in our post from yesterday. Marcus Smart was the latest player to go public with the information.

  • I miss sports. Constantly talking about the coronavirus isn’t necessarily great for my psyche, so I’m glad we have a rich Bulls history to lean back on when the times are tough! NBC Sports Chicago will air Game 2 of the 1996 Eastern Conference First Round between the Bulls and Heat tonight, and I recommend we all take an hour or two to lets that distract us.
  • K.C. Johnson has started to share memories from the #GoodOldDays.

  • I LOVE everything about Sam Vecenie’s latest mock draft for The Athletic. Not only does he have the Bulls landing with the third overall pick, but he also has them picking arguably my favorite player in the draft, Deni Avdija. I’ve talked about him plenty in the past, so I will not gush about him again. But just know that if this is how things ended up, it’s fine by me, especially with how weird the 2020 Draft could be.
  • LOL: Could you imagine if LeBron just watched Fred Hoiberg film in his free time?


  • Anyway, today’s a double-throwback day for Bulls fans as I’ll also be re-visiting the famous shrug game in a post later today! You can check out a complete look at our throwback calendar here.
  • Honestly, this is super cool.

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