"Last Dance" Broadcast Info, 90s Bulls Legacy, Bad News for Pro Sports in China, and Other Bulls Bullets

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“Last Dance” Broadcast Info, 90s Bulls Legacy, Bad News for Pro Sports in China, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Dumb quarantine question: Could the current 1997 Bulls beat a G-League team ONCE if they played seven times?

I know the initial reaction is probably something like “heck no, you idiot, those guys are like 50.” But (1) I will never underestimate Michael Jordan and (2) I’m sure some of them have a ridiculous old-man game. I think the answer is probably no if this is a fullcourt game, however, I’ll take one victory if this is a halfcourt matchup like the BIG3.

  • WE DID IT! Okay, well, I like to think we did it! The constant badgering from the Twitterverse must have played some kind of role in ESPN bumping up the release date for its super-duper-highly-anticipated documentary, The Last Dance. Originally set to air in June, the New York Post reported last night that ESPN would announce an April air-date this morning … and the network did just that!

  • Mark your calendars because Michael Jordan and Co. will hit your television screens on April 19th! And if you so desire, you can join me in watching this trailer every single day until then!

  • One day a week, we’ll be blessed with two episodes of the 10-part documentary. And in case you miss any of the action one night, ESPN will air the previous two episodes on each night they’re set to air two new episodes! More specifically, these episodes will air live on ESPN on Sunday nights, but will be followed up with the ability to stream them on Netflix the following Monday. In other words, it’s going to be pretty hard to miss any of the action. Props to ESPN for listening to all those desperate sports fans out there and getting this documentary a quick turnaround (and Netflix availability is huge). We all just want something to talk about, and with everyone stuck in their homes for the foreseeable future, this should be a great way to unite the sports-loving community!
  • Some of ESPN’s NBA experts decided to share their thoughts on the 90s Bulls legacy, so give it a read. I’m shocked ESPN didn’t ask for me to chime in, maybe the email ended up in my junk folder? But no worries, I’ll still give my quick answers to the questions they asked:
    • What’s the greatest legacy of the Bulls dynasty?
      • Michael Jordan. Duh.
    • Which three-peat run was better: 1991-93 or 1996-98?
      • 1996-98.
    • What is your favorite Michael Jordan memory from the Bulls’ run?
      • Everything.
    • Who was the most unsung hero of those Bulls teams?
      • Scottie Pippen should always get more credit, Toni Kukoc is vastly underrated, and BJ Armstrong deserves some more love.
    • What’s one thing fans who never watched those Bulls teams should know?
      • They probably already know this, but Michael Jordan is the GOAT. I like to remind every single human on this earth (and I guess in space) of this whenever I can.
  • Yikeeeeesssss. This news doesn’t particularly bode well for a soonish return of the NBA. Obviously, things can change quickly, but as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst writes, other major leagues have been trying to use China as a roadmap.

  • The NBA will have another Board of Governors meeting sometime soon, and the group will likely have to address what to do with the player’s salaries. The top executives in the league office have already taken a pay cut, but the longer the league’s hiatus continues, the more pay cuts we’ll see.

  • I will always find it surprising how easily Dennis Rodman fit into the Bulls team. But I’m sure glad he did.

  • Zach LaVine will duke it out in an NBA 2K tournament on ESPN starting this Friday. Will you watch it?

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.