Front Office Inflexibility, Lowering Expectations for Markkanen, Trading Porter, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Front Office Inflexibility, Lowering Expectations for Markkanen, Trading Porter, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Good stuff going on over at BN Bears this morning, so make sure to go check it out!

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy held a press conference, and the QB competition in Chicago is officially underway.

  • All this talk about the Bears front office got me thinking about the Bulls. How much would a new front office be able to change the organization right away? After all, whomever the Bulls hire isn’t exactly set up to be in the most flexible position. As we’ve discussed, Otto Porter is bound to accept his $28.5 million option, and the rest of the cap space is eaten up by the Bulls many young players as well as their most recent signees (Thaddeus Young, Tomas Satoransky, and *oh yeah* Luke Kornet). The only real way for a new general manager or vice president of basketball operations to make an immediate impact is to hit the trade market … but with whom?
  • Bleacher Report listed Otto Porter as the second-best small forward trade target behind only Caris LeVert, which sure isn’t going to draw any complaints from me. Porter isn’t going to be sitting on the easiest money to move, but if a new front office face is determined to start making this into his or her team, they’d likely be quick to find him a new home. If healthy, I’m sure a contender would be pretty interested.
  • Who needs real basketball (*he types as he shed a single tear*)!? Some of the NBA’s biggest personalities will battle in an NBA 2K Tournament starting tonight! Up first will be shouldn’t-be-slam-dunk-champion Derrick Jones Jr. against Kevin Durant, and tip-off is set for 7:30 p.m. on ESPN. If you’re interested in checking out more details and the upcoming broadcast schedule, go here.
  • NBA players squaring off in 2K might be fun … but it’s obvious. After this tournament, we need to shake it up a little! No, I’m not talking Call of Duty or Fortnite (do people still play that? If not, I’m sorry for sounding like an old man). I’m talking about Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Tetris, Online Yahtzee, Nicktoons MLB, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4, Pong, and – of course – Animal Crossing (I have no idea how you’d compete in this, all I know is that I’d watch it). I need to see Zach LaVine throw his remote because he caught his 11th Sea Bass when all he’s been searching for is a couple of Red Snappers or just something expensive enough so he can speed up his freaking mortgage payments because Tom Nook is an absolute dipwad (I know you’ve all been waiting for some Animal Crossing content in these bullets).
  • Friend of the program Rob Schaefer has a great read on Lauri Markkanen’s lackluster 2019-20 campaign, so give it a click! As I’ve had more and more time to ponder the whole Markkanen situation, I’ve come to the definite conclusion that I have absolutely no idea what to think. I want to believe Jim Boylen is the problem, however, other than the first game this season, Markkanen hasn’t looked like his former self more than once or twice. I’m not sure if we all just overestimated his potential or he just needs a change of scenery to get back in the groove. At 22-years-old, it would be crazy to give up on him, but I think we all just have to lower our expectations moving forward and be pleasantly surprised if we see a resurgence.
  • The Bulls broadcasted this season’s Run With Us episodes yesterday on their Twitter account, and you can re-watch the live-stream if you have some time. I have to admit, their video department does a great job with these. You almost forget how depressing it is to be a Bulls fan!

  • *checks notes* Yup, I also have Coby White.

  • Ice Cubs further discussed the upcoming BIG3 quarantined basketball tournament on ESPN, and he shared that players like Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arena, Nate Robinson, and maybe even Paul Pierce should be involved.


  • The WNBA announced they will be delaying the start of their season and host a virtual 2020 Draft.

  • My pals got a new podcast for you all! Take your mind off this depressing world and listen!

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.