Wishful Thinking … Why Not?! The Next Bulls Star, Swapping Hair, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Wishful Thinking … Why Not?! The Next Bulls Star, Swapping Hair, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

The next time I’m’ sitting in an arena/stadium without a care in the world, a smile on my face, and a beer in my hand … remind me to cherish the heck out of that moment.

  • Let’s start off these Monday bullets with some wholesome, much-needed content!

  • MY HEART JUST EXPLODED. Look at those smiling faces and stellar dance moves! She has raised the bar and all of us should feel terrible if we don’t do something this ridiculously cute and sentimental for our significant other. Also, feel free to go check out the whole video on Cristina Maria Enea’s Instagram!
  • Hm, good question.

  • Considering we haven’t seen these two together in the starting lineup yet, it’s quite hard to predict anything. However, what we saw from White over the last nine games of the season has given us plenty of reason to be optimistic about the future. Co-existing on the court might come with its challenges at first, but I’ve written in the past about why I think this backcourt duo could work out nicely in Chicago. However, I haven’t necessarily thought about their “ceiling.” I guess with the right coach and the right system, we could be looking at the poor man’s Lillard-McCollum, right? I know even that is a bit of a bold claim, but because it’s so early to tell, I think it’s fine to really use our imagination. Neither player will ever reach Lillard’s level, of course, but who’s to say both can’t reach McCollum’s? I mean, McCollum has never been an All-Star, and his highest accolade is winning Six-man of the Year in 2016. Yet, he’s still averaged 20+ points over the last five seasons and has helped the Portland Trail Blazers become a consistent playoff contender. If all goes right, I don’t see why LaVine and White can’t work together to turn Chicago into a similar threat. Wishful thinking?
  • Bleacher Report has a post titled: Biggest Basketball Concern for Every NBA Squad Moving Forward. I thought I’d scroll down to find just the word “everything” under the Bulls section, but instead, writer Dan Favale was a tad more specific. The post mentions the Bulls quest for their next star, and how the team isn’t in the best position to groom or acquire one down the road. While LaVine feels like the easiest choice to reach star-level on this roster, I’m not sure we can say he’s the guy. At this point, it’s quite possible we’ve seen the peak of powers: a borderline All-Star candidate whose true value comes completely on the offensive end. At this point, I think we know what we’re going to get from him, and unfortunately, that’s a player who falls just short of being a “blue-chip cornerstone.”
  • Favale mentions how perhaps Coby White can be groomed into that player, but I really hope the Bulls don’t try to force this upon him. In a lot of ways, that’s exactly what they’ve done to LaVine, and it’s resulted in (possibly) some over-the-top expectations (for himself and fans). I’d much rather let the 20-year-old develop into whatever he becomes, and if that’s the Bulls go-to piece … great! If not, that’s fine too. Regardless, I feel comfortable White will be some kind of important piece in the future.
  • Yesterday we talked about how the Bulls are still a prime market for front office candidates … here’s the soundbite on that.

  • Oh, what could have been.

  • Admittedly, I’m not sure this squad would have ever made it past LeBron James, but I sure would’ve liked to see a fully-healthy squad give a couple of more tries. Hey, if Joakim believes it would have happened, so do I (kinda)!
  • They’re right tho …

  • I’m uncomfortable.

Author: Elias Schuster

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