The Day Has Come: Gar Forman Fired, John Paxson Moves into Advisory Role

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The Day Has Come: Gar Forman Fired, John Paxson Moves into Advisory Role

Chicago Bulls

Gar Forman is gone. John Paxson has a new role. And the Chicago Bulls officially have a new VP of Basketball Operations (more on that part, specifically, later). For now, let’s stick with the old.

With the organization since 1998, Gar Forman has been officially relieved of his duties as the Chicago Bulls general manager.

The writing’s been on the wall for almost an entire season, as we learned quite early-on that Forman would either be fired or demoted to a scouting role by the end of the year. However, it appears the organization has decided to part ways with the long-time Bulls employee early, officially putting the final nail in the coffin of the GarPax regime.

I mean, did you ever think you’d see the day?

Jerry Reinsdorf adds some nice words, and we learn a bit more about Forman’s future.

As Johnson notes, Forman still has two years on his deal, which the Bulls will be forced to eat. Though, according to Joe Cowley, the hit isn’t much relative to other GMs around the league (shocking … *he writes sarcastically*).

As for John Paxson, he hasn’t quite been fired – but fancy new title or not – it’s fair to say he’s been relieved of his primary duties.

Basically, he’s still here because he’s friends with the Reinsdorfs. While it would have been every fan’s dream to see both names out the door, I’ll happily accept this outcome. The Bulls have made it very clear from the start that Arturas Karnisovas is at the helm of this organization. The fact that he is already re-shaping the front office with new hires, and he seemed to have the power to give Forman the ax should prove that this organization is headed in a fresh direction.

Paxson might still be getting a paycheck from the Reinsdorf, but he’s now getting paid to keep his mouth shut.

Here’s some not-really-parting, parting words:

And Jerry Reinsdorf jumps in once again:

Directly from the belly of the beast, we hear that Paxson was reportedly a big part of the Bulls switching gears. I’m not sure his plan involved a huge demotion, but perhaps his advocacy for change is the true reason he’s sticking around. Whatever, at the end of the day, if he doesn’t have his fingerprints on basketball operations, I’m content.

The major takeaway from today: We can welcome in a new era. As hesitant as we’ve all been to accept this reality, the Bulls have finally turned a corner. I know a lot of work is yet to be done, but I think it’s time we can trust this organization again. Karnisovas has been handed the keys, and he’s already driving Chicago down a path toward relevancy. I can finally enjoy the ride.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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