If the NBA Finishes Its Season in a One-Location Quarantine, Why Not Walt Disney World?

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If the NBA Finishes Its Season in a One-Location Quarantine, Why Not Walt Disney World?

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The idea is one of those that does make you chuckle or crack wise at first blush. But Yahoo’s Kevin Smith put some really good thought into it, and if finishing the season under one of those single-location, teams-all-quarantined plans is the only way to do it, Walt Disney World actually does make a lot of sense.

The piece:

There is easy isolation available, staffing, resources, TV setups, medical, plenty of courts, and tons of lodging. Throw in the long-time ESPN-NBA relationship, and it makes even more sense.

If it at all becomes possible, logistically and from a public health perspective, to finish out the season – or maybe even just jump right into a postseason – this could theoretically work.

Although there would be no fans in attendance, can we at least get the many Disney-attached character groups out there? Like, all the old school cartoon Disney characters could be hardcore Rockets fans, the ‘Star Wars’ characters could be all about Bucks, and the Bulls could maybe get ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy.’ OK, maybe more like ‘Toy Story.’

The characters would have built in personal protective gear, right? It works!

Too bad ‘Space Jam’ is a ‘Looney Tunes’ thing, otherwise we could have them just film the reboot right then and there. Just imagine if it was Disney characters. I would pay anything to watch Mickey posterize the shit out of LeBron.

The shouts of “I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!” after winning the title would be pretty great, too. Except Paul George can just be like, “I’M GOING … RIGHT OVER THERE!”

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