"The Last Dance" Hype Party Begins: Jordan Comments, Behind-the-Scenes, Everyone's Got a Story, More

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“The Last Dance” Hype Party Begins: Jordan Comments, Behind-the-Scenes, Everyone’s Got a Story, More

Chicago Bulls

The Last Dance will make it’s long-awaited debut this Sunday when the first two episodes of the 10-part series air on ESPN.

Throughout the last week, a steady flow of teasers, articles, and reviews have filled the interwebs, and I haven’t been able to look away. Has it distracted me from doing work? Totally. But, fortunately, if anyone asks about my slacking off, my job is basically to obsess over all things Bulls … so I think it’s a valid excuse!

Anyway, I bookmarked all of the cool stuff I’ve seen online, so I can share it with y’all.


  • The man himself went on Good Morning America for a rare interview, so check it out:

  • How competitive was Michael Jordan? Watch this:

  • The Athletic asked a bunch of people to share their untold stories of meeting the GOAT, and it’s a must-read. From Dwyane Wade’s bouncer not letting Jordan into his draft party to Gary Payton believing he showed Jordan who’s boss, everyone has some sort of compelling story that only adds to Jordan’s legacy.
  • As a sneak peek, here’s what Dominique Wilkins had to say: “He was something else, something else, man,” Wilkins told The Athletic. “I remember him walking into our locker room in Chicago (April 1987) and he walked right by me. And I’m like, what the hell is he coming in our locker room for? And he walked by me, walked by Kevin (Willis), and he tapped Randy Wittman on the leg and he said, ‘Lace ‘em up, it’s gonna be a long fucking night.’ And he walked out. He had 60 that night.” LOL.
  • The LA Times talks about the cultural impact:

  • A great breakdown of how the documentary came to be, and why you’ll see a very different Michael Jordan.

  • This is LOADED with information:

  • Other good stuff …


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