TODAY IS THE DAY (and Other Bulls Bullets)!

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TODAY IS THE DAY (and Other Bulls Bullets)!

Chicago Bulls

Just another completely normal day in quarantine. No big deal. Nothing going on at all.


• MERRY LAST DANCEMAS! When I woke up this morning, I felt like a five-year-old who was ready to jump out of bed, sprint downstairs, and rip open what the old fat man sent down the chimney. A MICHAEL JORDAN 10-PART DOCUMENTARY SERIES? NO WAY! THAT’S JUST WHAT I WANTED!  In reality, I woke up a bit happier than normal, stayed on my phone for half an hour, and then walked downstairs to make some coffee … BUT I’M STILL PUMPED AF! LET’S GOOOO!!!

• We’ve now gone 39 days without NBA action and practically the same amount of time without any sports at all. The pain is real. While I continue to remind myself that this hiatus is all for the better, it doesn’t necessarily make things easier. Over the last month+, a significant part of my life has been missing (and I’m sure many of you feel the same way). Sports are supposed to act as an escape for life’s crappiest moments, yet this crappy moment is so ultra-mega-crappy that it took that away from us too. That’s why it means so much more for ESPN to move up this documentary. I know it might not be the live-action we crave, but over the next couple of weeks, it can at least help us feel some sense of normalcy. Right now, that’s all I can ask for.

• This tweet helps show why right now is great time to release this project:

• The never-before-scene footage aired during this documentary has been locked away for nearly 20 years. Many of the NBA’s best and brightest can’t even recall the legendary work of His Airness. Tonight’s first two episodes will not only open up a can of nostalgia for so many, but also an entirely new story for many others. Over the last couple of decades, the NBA has changed and new heroes have come into the spotlight. Unnecessary GOAT debates have popped up, and the Michael Jordan allure has cooled off … to an extent. People have forgotten what it’s like to rally around one star or team. And no one has been able to mimic the superstardom and cultural significance of the 90s Bulls. Tonight will light a fire again. Tonight will bring the sports community together.

• As much as I love Steve Kerr, this is 100 percent correct.

• I’m sure ESPN opted for Kerr because he’s more “hip” with the kids today, but hopefully those young whipper-snappers learn to put some respect on Toni Kukoc’s name over these next 10 episodes.


• A different and cool look at the significance of The Last Dance:

• Before tonight, why not go ahead and remind yourself just how dominant Michael Jordan was! Five Thirty-Eight does an awesome dive into the stats.

• Sorry Isiah, I think the hate for the Bad Boy Pistons is about to be VERY alive and well.

• More great throwback content!

• “No.”

• Rose was there to ball!

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