Markkanen's Remaining Upside, Rodman Time, G-League Unionizing, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Markkanen’s Remaining Upside, Rodman Time, G-League Unionizing, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Day 45 without basketball …

Dearest Brother,

Life here isn’t all that bad, for I can be nothing but happy to have my health. Yet still, the longer I remain stowed away, the further my memory wanes. I’ve forgotten what it sounds like to have a ball hit the hardwood. I can’t recall the bouncy flow of Sir Coby’s mane. The time away from the game has taken its toll, but your message from last week has given me hope.

A new general, you say? A new leader of the front line? Bully! I harked so loud upon your message’s delivery that I awoke my bunkmates. Fortunately, they were pleased to hear it too. I look forward to meeting Mr. Karnisovas. I wonder how he sees Lauri and Wendell’s fit? Ah, excuse me, I’ll save my giddy questioning for another day. Time for my departure. Continue to use horse sense, brother.

We’ll be together soon.

•   Come back soon, basketball … I’m losing it.

•   Updates on the Chicago Bulls front office situation may be limited, but make no mistake, Karnisovas is hard at work. Yesterday, we talked about how the general manager search is beginning to take shape. Then, this morning, discussed where the Jim Boylen situation currently stands. Make sure to give those two a read to get caught up.

•   I’m very interested to see what happens after the new general manager is hired. The Bulls will likely continue to add to their front office, but I wonder how frequently we’ll get updates on the work behind-the-scenes. Also, with the 2019-20 season still up in the air, I wonder if any candidates for other positions might be a tad hesitant to leave their current teams. Once the offseason officially begins, I’d expect the rest of this overhaul to be kicked into high gear.

•   Do you think Karnisovas can help re-invent Lauri Markkanen?

•   Re-watching him dunk all over Enes Kanter as a ROOKIE reminded me that we still have so many reasons to be optimistic about Markkanen’s future. I’ve already lowered my expectations for him heading into next season, but I feel like a new front office should be able to turn around Markkanen’s confidence. A successful future for him in a Bulls jersey relies heavily though on his health and head coach. Karnisovas has a million reasons to fire Jim Boylen, but The Finnisher’s regressions should be right at the top of his list (he went from averaging 18 and 9 to 15 and 6 … come on). At 22-years-old, the guy’s career is only just starting. Time to get him back on track.

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•   Prepare for tomorrow’s episode of The Last Dance by reading this AWESOME piece from Tim Keown on Dennis Rodman.

•   The story behind one of the most iconic intro songs ever:

•   A G-League players union is right around the corner. Upon formation, the union would be able to collectively bargain with the NBA and G-League.

•   Do you know how funny it could be if Jordan missed six threes pointers in the first half and still did this shrug?

•   I like that one too.

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