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What Actually Happened with Jordan’s Pizza? Pushing Out Jackson, LaVine’s Snack Station, and Other Bulls Bullets

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My seasonal allergies must have been pumping some iron this offseason. They’ve come out full force over the last couple of weeks, and I can tell any time I try to take an allergy pill, they’re in there trying to beat the pulp out of it. *sneezes (for real though, I just sneezed while typing this)*

•   Only a couple hours after I joked that the person who made MJ’s “flu-game” pizza would take the story to his death bed, the guy actually came forward. Craig Fite of Utah joined The Big Show on 1280 the Zone to defend the honor of pizza workers everywhere. I was hoping for a Utah Jazz fanatic who would light up the airwaves with “YEAH, I DID IT! AND I WOULD’VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO IF IT WASN’T FOR THAT MEDDLING GOAT!” But instead, we got a tamed, normal dude who shared a rather underwhelming story.

•   According to Fite, a late order came in from the hotel where everyone in town knew the Bulls were staying. As one of the head honchos at the Pizza Hut, and also a huge MJ fan, Fite wanted to ensure the pizza turned out perfect. He claims he, himself, cooked the pizza and demanded he deliver it so none of his fellow workers could try any funny business. Alongside ONE (not five like Jordan’s trainer Tim Grover has been saying) of the restaurant’s drivers, the two showed up at the hotel, went through a crap ton of security, headed up to Jordan’s room, and dropped the pizza off. While at the room, Fite said he asked whoever answered the door if he could say hi to Jordan. As he put it, how could he not at least ask? The door swung up, Jordan waved, said thanks, and that was that. Exhilarating, right?

•   Could this be someone faking it? I guess. (Michael: The fact that he had to make the pizza himself to avoid funny business is weirdly suspicious to me). However, everything kind of checks out, and he speaks with plenty of detail. Fite ensures nothing was done to the pizza and the restaurant never received any complaints that night about food poisoning from other delivery stops. Although, one interesting tidbit from Fite was – after being slapped in the face by cigar odor once the hotel room door opened – he saw windows open while Jordan sat practically shirtless. He pointed out Park City can get rather cold after the sun hides behind the mountain … so are we back to the “flu game?”

•   Anyway, I guess we’ll get some confirmation on whether or not this is really the guy later today. ESPN Upstate’s Marc Ryan tweeted out yesterday that he’ll have “the person who made Michael Jordan’s pizza” on his show this afternoon. If it’s not a Mr. Craig Fite … the case will be broke wide open!

•   Oh, by the way, Jordan ordered a large pizza with extra pepperoni. You gotta respect a pepperoni guy.


•   Is it me or does it sound like Jerry Reinsdorf is trying to blame Phil Jackson for the dynasty’s demise? Within itself, the fact Jackson didn’t want to come back is Reinsdorf and Krause’s fault. While he wasn’t necessarily the easiest coach to deal with, the front office had been running him out of town for the past several seasons. Not only did Krause tell Jackson he could go 82-0 and still wouldn’t be given a chance to return, but Jackson also knew Krause had Tim Floyd hanging out in the back seat. Jackson’s refusal to rejoin the organization is still a factor of mismanagement. Honestly, “everyone was getting older and harder to retain” is a better argument than this, Jerry.

•   17 minutes of pure bliss.


•   I expect to see vintage warmups on the bench next season and will accept nothing less.

•   Gatorade aired Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals last night, and you should be able to watch it on your own time here!

•   Sharing this just so I can say MJ >LeBron


•   Zach LaVine is living a pretty darn chill life during quarantine.

•   Also, #Relatable: “I have a little snack station right next to my video game station. I’ve just been killing it. I actually moved it out of my room, so I could stop eating it while I played video games. Now if I want to get it I have to go downstairs to get it.”

•   Horace Grant used to shower at halftime if he was having a bad game.


•   A play-in tournament feels more and more like a suitable/fun outcome if the NBA returns.

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