Picking High in a Weak Draft, Free Agent Big Boards, Thad Young Crushes on the New Front Office, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Picking High in a Weak Draft, Free Agent Big Boards, Thad Young Crushes on the New Front Office, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Real Talk: Barnum’s Animals Crackers are straight-up delicious.

I feel like a child when I purchase them, but I don’t care. They’re not only the superior animal cracker, but they also deserve a place in the “greatest store-bought cookie” conversation.

With that said, I know the name says otherwise, but these are cookies, right? If not, these 100 percent blur the line between crackers and cookies.

•   Next Thursday, the Chicago Bulls 2019-20 season could officially be over. In case you missed it, ESPN reported yesterday that the NBA Board of Governors is planning to vote on a formal return plan in the coming days, and a format that involves only 20-22 teams is the most likely outcome. Rumor has it the NBA will take the current 16 playoff teams along with those teams that sit only six games back of the No. 8 seed. With the Bulls eight games back, it looks like they’ll finish 11th in the East and 24th-overall. And guess what that means!? Yup! Chicago is in prime position to be land the No. 7 pick in the draft … again! *chucks computer against the wall*

•   *puts computer back together* Anyway, it’s still very possible the odds fall in the Bulls favor and they break the No. 7 curse. And while that’ll be a relief no matter what, it will be a tad frustrating that it didn’t happen in a better draft. As we’ve discussed, nothing about the 2020 Draft Class tickles my fancy. Not only is the evaluation process all messed up thanks to the ongoing pandemic, but there’s just no clear best player. In a lot of ways, this whole thing feels like a crapshoot. Of course, I would never complain about receiving a high pick (all things equal, you still want the front office to have their first choice), but it just feels easier this time around to screw it up. I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that these guys know what they’re doing. I mean, hey, the Bulls starting fresh could work as an advantage.

•   While we’re on this general offseason topic, Bleacher Report made a free agency big board list for each team, and you’re not going to love the one they made for the Bulls: Derrick Jones Jr., De’Anthony Melton, and Michael Carter-Williams. First of all, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Jones Jr.’s name mentioned. As a young and maybe up-and-coming wing who should be pretty inexpensive, I certainly understand the appeal. And out of this list, I’d probably see him as the most realistic option. I suppose it also depends on how they draft. If the Bulls get themselves a wing, they may be more inclined to fill Dunn’s roster spot with another guard. Nonetheless, neither Melton nor Carter-Williams would have me all that excited. I could see Melton being a decent piece, but the Bulls tried the Carter-Williams experiment and it went about as well as the Cameron Payne experiment (MCW has reinvented his career a bit in Orlando though, so I’ll give him that).

•   Thaddeus Young is a huge fan of this Bulls new front office: “I think they’re both [Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Everlsey] great,” Young told WGN’s Josh Frydman. “The communication is amazing between the two of them. They both reach out and check in with all the players, including myself. They try to keep us abreast in each and every situation going on, whether it’s a hiring or a firing situation, they want us as the players to know first. They try to keep us in the loop with everything, and I think that’s one of the biggest things. They trust us with the information and they provide us with the information. And another thing is, they’re coming in with a new voice, a new spirit, a new culture, and I think they’re going to be great.”

•   Is it me or does that kind of speak volumes about the past front office? Also, I’m very happy to know these guys are already following through in their pledge to be player-first. Quotes like these certainly make it feel like we’re about to experience a whole new era of Chicago Bulls basketball.

•   In addition, when asked about head coach Jim Boylen’s future and what redeeming qualities might help him stick around, Young didn’t stay on the topic too long. He praised Boylen for his passion and called him a “fiery guy;” however, nothing Young said made it sound like he necessarily wanted to see him back next season. And for a moment it even sounded like he had to stop himself from saying this team would be better with a new head coach, instead, he just mentioned finding the right rotations and mindset.


•   Kris Dunn has been rehabbing at the Advocate Center recently.

•   An MJ highlight-reel is always worth your time.


Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.