Let Karnisovas Do His Thing, Offseason Workouts, Rookie Rose, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Let Karnisovas Do His Thing, Offseason Workouts, Rookie Rose, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Guess what? This is my second attempt at bullets this morning. Yup, I wrote up a whole post and then WordPress decided to kick me in the ass and delete it all. I only punched three holes in the wall, don’t worry.

Anyway, here we go …

•   *pretends to be shocked*

•   Let’s not make up reasons to be mad at Arturas Karnisovas. I’ve seen several folks out there voice their frustration with the new Bulls front office leader over the fact that Jim Boylen has yet to be shown the door. While I understand where these people are coming from, I think any real anger is a bit premature. In my opinion, none of this hesitation has anything to do with Boylen. The broader point of our post above is that this new front office is simply trying to set a new precedent, while working to change the reputation of the Bulls. We’re going to see a slower, more methodical approach over these next couple of months, but don’t misinterpret that as inaction. The Bulls have never be known to do things the “right way,” and a pivotal part of Karniovas and Eversley’s job is to change the overall representation of this franchise to those they hope to bring into it.

•   Back to the specific Boylen situation: Please remember what a coaching search would look like right now. Adrian Griffin and Ime Udoka are reportedly the Bulls top two candidates, and both are sitting on the bench of a current playoff team. Not only might it be hard to get permission to interview these candidates with Orlando games on the horizon, but it might also be considered a tad disrespectful to ask. For a new organization trying to make a good first impression around league circles, it might be best to wait until it’s the most convenient for everyone. Besides, what is Boylen really doing right now? The answer is he’s pushing papers and probably sending out some weekly game film to review. No harm, no foul. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still throw an impromptu parade down my block right now if the Bulls announced Boylen was fired. However, I understand we still have a lot of time on our hands.

•   All I ask is Boylen is out the door by the time any potential summer training camp roles around. The NBA is discussing additional team workouts and possible scrimmage games for the 8 teams out of the Orlando bubble. If the Bulls could have a new head coach in the gym before this extra practice time, that could prove to be pretty beneficial to building team chemistry.

•   Is anyone worried once Karnisovas officially walks into the Advocate Center that he’ll see the paint on the wall and quit? I don’t know … what if he’s a diva?

•   This is a rookie in the 4th quarter of his first-ever playoff game.

•   Excuse you, Zach LaVine makes every dunk look way too easy.


•   Time for some draft talk!

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