NBA Will Allow Replacements for Orlando Opt Outs, Earlier Restart Date, Rose Reunion, and Other Bulls Bullets

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NBA Will Allow Replacements for Orlando Opt Outs, Earlier Restart Date, Rose Reunion, and Other Bulls Bullets

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•   Shhhhh. Do you hear that? Listen closely … and you’ll hear Adam Silver hiccup. Yesterday, the NBA hit their first bump on the road to Orlando. While I think it’s fair to say we all expected some hiccups along the way, the timing of the current problem is a bit surprising. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that several dozen players are expressing some hesitation to participating in the Orlando bubble … despite the NBA Board of Governors and NBPA already passing (in principle) the proposed 22-team plan. According to Woj, the concerns are in regard to a number of issues, but many are centered around the restrictive nature of the bubble environment. I guess some players are just now realizing what this process would entail, which is a pretty long disconnect from the outside world. Apparently, some players not on easy title-contenders are debating whether or not participation is even worth it. And while I totally understand all of this, why wasn’t this discussed prior to the league making (basically) a formal announcement?

•   Anyway, an actual restart isn’t (yet) in jeopardy, but the league will have to come up with a plan to satisfy these hesitant players. With that in mind, the NBPA and NBA are discussing a provision that would allow players to skip the Orlando bubble with no major punishment. Then, any team with a player who decides to stay home will likely be able to add a substitute player.

•   Soooo … what does this mean exactly? Can the Lakers sign Bronny? Can Coby White join the Bucks for a hot sec? Just kidding (kinda … I’m down to get weird), I’m assuming we’re talking about G-League players already affiliated with the organization, but I’d still love some clarification.


•   NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson shared his latest mailbag this morning, and the updates are minimal. Basically, he reiterates Karnisovas is going to take his time on any big decisions, and the organization would happily welcome a summer training camp of sorts.

•   Lauri Markkanen has a lot to fix on his own terms, but it’s pretty staggering to see how his shot profile changed from one year to the next. If the Bulls want to tap into Markkanen’s full potential, they’ll have to let him be far more creative on the offensive end.

•   Do I think it’s possible Markkanen just isn’t as good as many of us expected? Absolutely. But I also think it’s possible we’re still looking at an All-Star caliber player. At only 22-years-old, we can’t write the guy off.

•   Until it happens, this will be a never-ending conversation.

•   I wouldn’t be against a D-Rose reunion, but I also don’t want to do it just for the sake of doing it … if that makes sense? Sign him if you’re decently competitive and have a clear role for him. He just deserves to be on a good team and in a good situation.

•   Craig Hodges talked with The Athletic about systemic racism and how sports have handled societal issues. Give it a read.


•   Also, in case you missed it, the guy who made MJ’s pizza that night insists it wasn’t food poisoning.

•   The Cubbies drafted a hometown kid!

Author: Elias Schuster

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