Don't You Ever Forget the Contributions of Joakim Noah and Other Bulls Bullets

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Don’t You Ever Forget the Contributions of Joakim Noah and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

How many times do you think I’ll curse under my breath today as I try to take apart and move a bunch of furniture?

I’ll set the over/under at a solid 24.


•   Oftentimes, I think we remember Joakim Noah more for his personality and intensity rather than his actual gameplay. And while I don’t necessarily see that as a problem, I just want to make sure we highlight how good he really was. Noah is one of only two Bulls players to ever win Defensive Player of the Year (along with Michael Jordan), and he’s one of only four players to ever make an All-NBA First Team (Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Derrick Rose). He’s in the franchise’s top-10 for games played (9th), minutes played (9th), steals (9th), rebounds (4th), blocks (3rd), and offensive rebounds (1st). Additionally, only Jordan and Pippen have recorded more triple-doubles than the big-man. Oh, and he’s also 7th in win shares and 4th in value over replacement. In other words, he’s single-handedly one of the best Bulls players of all-time.

•   Now with that said, where should he rank? I think we can all agree the following names should be in the top-10: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Norm Van Lier, Derrick Rose, Chet Walker, Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Artis Gilmore (that’s in no particular order EXCEPT for Jordan and Pippen). The next tier is where we can find Noah, probably alongside Toni Kukoc, Luol Deng, and Reggie Theus. Overall, I think 11th or 12th sounds like the right spot for Noah, and that’s a very solid place to be in such a historic organization. When it comes to the “players who hate Cleveland” leaderboard though … Noah is No. 1.

•   Great idea, and I’m sure this will be just one of many ways the NBA continues the social justice conversation.

•   Want some NBA Draft talk? Sam Smith has got you covered. In his latest mailbag, the longtime Bulls reporter talked about who he thinks Chicago will take a closer look at over the next couple of months. Killian Hayes and Deni Avdija seem to currently represent the two types of players the Bulls might target – a facilitating point guard and a high-upside wing. Considering I’m still all-in on White comfortably getting his shot at the starting role, I’m a bit hesitant to see them draft a PG. However, Hayes is a very different player from White, and it’s not hard to see why he’s been on the NBA’s radar for quite some time:

•   As for Advija, if you keep up with this site at all, you know I LOVE his potential. The guy has elite positional size with an all-around solid game. Remember, facilitating doesn’t always have to come from the point, and I think Advija could be quite a solid playmaker.

•   Bleacher Report ranked the 2010-11 Bulls season as the 4th-most surprising 60-win season of all-time. The Bulls jumped from 41 to 62 wins thanks to Thibs and an MVP Derrick Rose.

•   If aliens came down to earth right now, and I showed them this video, they would think the Bulls were super good at this weird human activity.

•   Ah, the good terrible old days. This HoopsHype post inspired a broader conversation back in May.

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