Losing With Boylen, Roster Inflexibility, More COVID Results, White's Nickname, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Losing With Boylen, Roster Inflexibility, More COVID Results, White’s Nickname, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Yesterday, I took the day off and moved to *gulp* Milwaukee (hey, at least it’s not the most boring place on earth – St. Louis).

The significant other got herself an awesome new job up here, so we packed our bags and found ourselves a great new place up north. Oh, the things you do for love. While I’ll greatly miss the Chicagoland area, I’ll also be around … like … all the time (I think people tend to forget how close these two places are).

Not to mention, one of these days, the plan will be to move back across the border. For now, though, think about my stay up here as an undercover mission. I’ll keep a watchful eye on Wrigley North and infiltrate enemy grounds. These suckers have no idea what’s coming.

P.S. My apartment is already decorated to be the most pro-Chicago place outside Illinois.

•   Dear lord, I step away for one day and look what happens! I’m not sure how much weight we should put on what Brian Windhorst had to say yesterday … but I sure don’t like hearing it. According to the ESPN insider, the bonehead extension Boylen received last offseason could very well be the reason he stays in Chicago. We all know the Bulls knack for being stingy with their wallet, but this would take it to a whole new level. While it felt a bit silly to write about it at the time, I touched on this topic last week after we started to fear it would become a larger talking point. And, unfortunately, here we are. I know the league is in a tough place right now, but that doesn’t justify keeping around a crappy coach who is owed pennies. Boylen is reportedly bringing in a max $1.7 million, and I’m pretty sure that’s the amount of money Jerry Reinsdorf has under his couch cushions.

•   All I’m saying is this is arguably the worst reason to keep Boylen at the helm of this team. Sure, I’ll be furious regardless of the reason, but at least having the narrative be “we still believe in him” is the tiniest bit more respectable. With this as the possible driving force, the organization is rather telling this franchise “we’re content with sucking for now.” I don’t know about you, but that sure doesn’t seem like the smart message for a new front office that had all sorts of positive vibes around them for the past few months. If Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley truly want to show the Bulls fans that they are here to instigate change, this is a move that should easily be made this offseason.

•  I also don’t think this is a valid argument for keeping Boylen’s behind:

•   Now, I understand where McGraw is coming from. The Bulls have basically no flexibility, and we can’t be positive this team will be better next season than they were this season. However, we have to assume coaching and poor player development played a key role in the Bulls atrocious 2019-20 season. This roster isn’t capable of winning 50 games, but is it capable of fighting for the No. 8 seed in the playoffs? I think many of us would say “Yes.” To not move on from Boylen on the basis that this team will perform the same next season is practically like admitting you’re not going to try to improve next season. If Karnisovas and Eversley ever think/expect the Bulls win 25 games again in 2020-21, that’s a big fat red flag (Michael: Also, if they win only 25 games next season, but do so with a new coach and in service of a broader, strategic plan that’s a lot better than just … more of the same. I rather win 25 games with a new, better coach than 25 games with Boylen. They’re not equal.).

•   The league has released another set of COVID-19 test results. An additional nine players tested positive, bringing the total up to 25 out of 351. Additionally, this is the first time the league has shared results for staff members, with 10 of 884 testing positive. For the time being, the NBA seems to be proceeding as normal and simply isolating individuals until they record a negative test.

•   New Nickname Suggestion for Coby White: The Dancing King

•   If you can watch this video and somehow not be extremely excited for the future, you’re clearly a cyborg who isn’t programmed to feel emotion.

•   We’re shoving courts in ballrooms … LET’S. GET. WEIRD.

•   In case you missed it, Zach LaVine continues to represent the Chicago Bulls beautifully. He has teamed up with Facebook Gaming to raise money for COVID-19 relief and social justice funds. The Windy City should be proud of this guy.

•   Hey wow (#OwenWilson), this is a pretty cool story!

•   Listen to Dwyane Wade.


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