Talking Through the LaVine Chatter, Young Reportedly Most "Readily Available" in Trade, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Talking Through the LaVine Chatter, Young Reportedly Most “Readily Available” in Trade, and Other Bulls Bullets

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In the bullets below, you’ll see I used the phrase “lost their marbles,” which, upon writing, forced me to think about all the marbles I owned when I was younger. And that made me wonder … why the hell did I own so many freakin’ marbles? And it wasn’t only me. I remember plenty of friends who also had their fair share of these tiny glass balls.

The crazy part is that we didn’t even play the game (does anyone actually know how to play marbles?). Instead, we just kind of looked at them and fought to see who had the shiniest. All in all, I give marbles a 2/10 on the toy scale.

Okay, let’s talk about the Bulls now.

•   In case you missed it, a bunch of Bulls fans lost their marbles yesterday. SNY’s Ian Begley reported that the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets have been “monitoring” Zach LaVine’s situation in Chicago. In other words, both are said to have trade interest in the border-line All-Star if he were to become available (or request to become available). Of course, we have no indication that the Bulls are ready to move on from LaVine – or really any of their young players at this time. For that reason, please, don’t lose sleep over this tidbit of news. I mean, after all, it’s an organization’s job to monitor the situation of every high-profile player around the league.

•   With that said, I still wouldn’t be so quick to call this a “non-story.” Not only is it interesting to hear of the Knicks and Nets as possible suitors, but it tells us that other teams around the league may hear little comments about (1) Zach LaVine’s unhappiness or (2) the Bulls interest in making moves. Teams might monitor everyone, but there is certainly a hierarchy to whom they’re monitoring. According to this report, LaVine is toward the top of the list for two teams right now, and that’s arguably worth shoving in the back of your head.

•   Also, this has me wondering: how aware are other teams of the Bulls toxic locker room situation? Is it a topic of conversation right now? Front office executives have to know that several of Chicago’s key players do not like Jim Boylen, and with a possible return for the head coach gaining traction, we could see more teams try to poach unhappy talent.

•   NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson provided his own comments on the LaVine news and reiterated the fact that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, buried in his column, we learned that Thaddeus Young is the player who’s perceived by most executives around the league as the player who is most “readily available.” If that’s true, the Bulls have done well to hide their intentions, but it certainly does feel correct. Remember, he happened to be the only Bull in any legitimate trade rumors last season, and there is no denying he made for a pretty awkward fit. And, honestly, he deserves better right now. Young is the epitome of a true veteran, and I’m sure a contender could find great use for him.

•   Johnson also delivered this frustrating nugget: “Since taking over, Karnisovas has empowered Boylen and his staff, holding to his public stance he plans to get to know him and watch him work before deciding on his future status. That process is expected to last at least through September — when there’s hope teams not part of the NBA’s restart will be allowed some sort of formal group activities — and perhaps longer.” At this rate, I can’t say I’m surprised it’ll take until September. I guess this new front office is really waiting to see whether or not the NBA opts for a “Delete Eight” bubble in Chicago.

•   Scottie Pippen is still mad at Michael Jordan. Sam Smith told The New Yorker that Pippen was “hurt by his portrayal,” but he could see the two coming back together again in the future. They better. I can’t live knowing the most iconic duo in NBA history aren’t on speaking terms.

•   Lol the disrespect.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.