Thanks for Coming to the Bubble, Now Get the Heck Out and Other Bulls Bullets

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Thanks for Coming to the Bubble, Now Get the Heck Out and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I bought a new desk chair yesterday with the goal of forcing myself to work at my desk. Slouched on the couch for the last several weeks, I’m definitely messing up my back, so it’s time for a change. Also, my office space in the new apartment is finally coming together, and I’m having a pretty fun time working in here. I’m not saying I’m a fantastic interior designer … but I’m also not NOT saying that.

•   “Thanks for playing, now get the hell out of here.” 

•   I’m not saying the NBA instructing eliminated teams to leave immediately is wrong (in fact, I’m sure many of the players would like to go home ASAP), but the way Haynes worded his tweet is pretty funny. I mean, it kind of sounds like the NBA is mad at the Pelicans for hardcore sucking and this is a form of punishment. We pulled all these strings to get you here, and this is how you repay us! No more golfing and fishing for you! 

•   To get you caught up: The Pelicans, Kings, and Wizards have all been officially ruled out of playoff contention so far. Each team will wrap up their season and leave the bubble on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Suns, Spurs, and Trail Blazers are in the running to take the 8th seed away from the Memphis Grizzlies. So while I’m sure we’ll start to see a handful of the big-name players clock fewer minutes over the next couple of games, the battle at the bottom of the Western Conference should prove incredibly entertaining.

•   Also, remember, the Bulls are undefeated in the bubble right now 😎

•   Wendell Carter Jr. wants you to know something:

•   I love to see a motivated player as much as the next guy, but when it comes to Bulls talent, we must intact a “believe it when I see it” mentality. Especially because whether we see a different Carter Jr. next season isn’t really up to Carter Jr., unfortunately. Surely he’s worked on improving areas of his game over the offseason, and perhaps he has plans of becoming a more consistent offensive weapon, but a handful of his on-court success will likely be in the hands of the coaching staff. He – similar to most players – wasn’t put in a position to succeed this past season. For there to be a “different Wendell” we need to see more Wendell, which means minimal injury trouble and a much stronger effort by the Bulls to get him involved. Draw him up plays, and run some offense through him.

•  The Athletic’s Mike Vorkunov wrote a long profile on Thibs. Give it a read if you miss the former-Bulls head coach.

•   NBC Sports Chicago ranked the top-10 centers in the franchise history, and I think their list is pretty much right on the money. Although, I will pose this question: Is Luc Longley underrated? He checks in at No. 8, but I think there could easily be a case made for him landing a couple of sports higher.

•   If it makes you feel any better, at least the Bulls aren’t No. 7 in this mock draft!

•   FACTS!

•   Bulls Legend Carmelo Anthony keeps moving up the record books.

•   Damian Lillard is ridiculously fun to watch, and I’m more than happy to know that this is one of the guys Coby White idolizes.

•   I love both these looks, but we all know the best jersey in the NBA resides in the Windy City.

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