Arturas Kanisovas "Can’t Wait to Find the Next Coach" and Other Bulls Bullets

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Arturas Kanisovas “Can’t Wait to Find the Next Coach” and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’m so happy we can move on from Jim Boylen.

For everyone who grew incredibly frustrated with that situation over the past several weeks, I was right there with you. I’m sure it was also annoying to see the constant posts about it here on BN Bulls, but (1) that was kind of the only Bulls news to work with, and (2) it’s literally our job to talk about whatever, whenever *shrug emoji.*

Still, it’s annoying to look back and see all of the reports that came out recently, and how they didn’t hold much weight at all. It kind of feels like yelling at your parents for forgetting your birthday, only to immediately open the door to a massive surprise party with presents stacked to the ceiling. Heh, sorry. 

Oh well, all that’s left to do now is move on and be positive. After all, this feels like the first time in forever we can spend our time with majority optimism. Feels good.

•   Who needs a rabbit foot when you have Arturas Karnisovas? The Chicago Bulls announced on Saturday morning that their new Executive VP of basketball operations will represent the organization at the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery on August 20th.

•   I’m sure Karnisovas’ presence in the lottery, which will be held virtually this season, will not go unnoticed in league circles. The move will signify loud and clear that the organization is headed in a new direction, and for that reason, I kind of love everything about the decision. Also, if the Bulls finally break their No. 7 streak, is that reason enough to start building a Karnisovas statue?

•   In other news, yesterday, Karnisovas told Bulls fans everywhere “I gotchu, fam.”

•   I never should have doubted you! Please take me back! While I never got off the Karnisovas bandwagon, I certainly started to grow antsy with how long the Boylen situation stretched on. However, in hindsight, why it happened yesterday makes plenty of sense. The final seeding games were played in the bubble, which marked the official end of the regular season. What Karnisovas did was run business as usual, and he kept the timeline as consistent to a normal season as possible. And considering Boylen’s firing happened first thing yesterday morning, I have to imagine this was going to be the move for quite some time. I think many of us – reporters included – just have to come to terms with the fact that we don’t truly know this front office yet. Moving forward, we’ll have to take them at their word and go from there.

•   Also, hearing that Karnisovas “can’t wait” to find the next head coach makes me want to believe he really didn’t like the previous one. When asked in the press conference about what he’s looking for in a new head coach, here’s what Karnisovas had to say:

•   You know what’s funny about that? Boylen basically labeled himself as the ultimate “care coach.” Clearly, it didn’t come off that way behind the scenes. I’m not trying to hit a guy when he’s down, but when an organization shares what they’re looking for in a new head coach, it typically tells us what the old head coach did very poorly.

•   The guys over at NBC Sports Chicago talked about the whole crazy Boylen process, so give it a listen.


•   Basically anything you need to know about the start of the Bulls coaching search can be found below (hopefully … or else Michael might fire me again):

•   A lot of love for former-Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson in this latest post from HoopsHype. No doubt coaches around the league believe his player development skills are extremely valuable.

•   Also, I saw Stephen A. Smith say some crap about how people should stay far away from the Bulls head coach position. Not only is that an outdated take thanks to an entirely new front office, but you’ll rarely find someone that will turn down a head coaching job. I don’t care what the situation is, when opportunity comes knocking in the NBA, you take advantage. Anyway, Woj said the exact opposite about the Bulls vacancy, and he’s reporting that many people around the league find it to be quite the attractive gig.

•   Think about what Zach LaVine has done already … now think about what he could do with proper guidance and coaching.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.