The Beef Between LaVine and Boylen, Beyond the Last Dance Podcast, 76ers Not Looking to Deal Stars, and Other Bulls Bullets

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The Beef Between LaVine and Boylen, Beyond the Last Dance Podcast, 76ers Not Looking to Deal Stars, and Other Bulls Bullets

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After about a week break, I gave my second attempt at making this fancy risotto last night. I’m not saying I’d win Hell’s Kitchen or anything, but I don’t think Chef Ramsay would’ve verbally abused me until I cried … so I consider that a win.

•   I’d bet the house on Zach LaVine 10 times out of 10.

•   The headline above is super juicy, but this is kind of old news. When The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry wrote his excellent piece on the Jim Boylen departure a little over one week ago, he included this brief nugget about Boylen and LaVine’s tense relationship: “LaVine was angry after the game and there was a minor concern among members of the traveling party that things could turn physical between the two prior to the team flight to Charlotte.” The game Mayberry is referring to occurred in November of this past season when Boylen benched LaVine for what the head coach called “three egregious defensive mistakes” after the game. LaVine – obviously – wasn’t a happy camper, and according to Mayberry, some believed he was ready to square-up. For what it’s worth, Mayberry didn’t seem to make a big deal out of this in his piece. The comment came more in passing, which makes me believe this was never an overwhelming concern. I mean, LaVine doesn’t seem like the type to pop his coach on the side of the head, anyway. He’s more of the aggressive eye roll type.

•   For a quick second, let’s imagine this did happen. Zach LaVine and Jim Boylen got into a bare-knuckle brawl on the flight after the game. What would the Bulls do? Like, would they just pretend it didn’t happen? Would they have fired Boylen sooner? There is no way in hell this team could operate normally after their best player and head coach feed each other a couple knuckle sandwiches. Also, how would they explain this to the media? Boylen: We battled. I was proud of his spirit. LaVine: I won.


•   Considering the major success of The Last Dance, this feels necessary. A podcast should allow J.A. Adande and BJ Armstrong to dive a little deeper into areas of the docuseries that deserve more time. My hope is they bring on at least some of the folks interviewed in the series – especially after many players had some less-than-favorable things to say about certain narratives.

•   Yesterday, Philly finally decided to part ways with head coach Brett Brown. The organization will also restructure their front office in hopes of salvaging the gobs of talent currently on this roster. Despite speculation about a possible Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid trade this offseason, 76ers GM Elton Brand said he isn’t looking to move either All-Star. I’m sure that can change over time, but I guess that means people should drop the whole Simmons to the Bulls things (it wouldn’t have worked, to begin with, folks).


•   Chandler Hutchison is ready for Year 3.

•   The ship has sailed on Hutchison becoming anything more than an off-the-bench role-player, but that’s ok. While it’s frustrating to look back and think about how the Bulls promised him a selection at No. 22 (especially with guys like Landry Shamet, Aaron Holiday, Jalen Brunson, Devonte’ Graham, and Mitchell Robinson still on the board), I remain somewhat optimistic the Bulls can get some future value out of Hutchison. He may be 25-years-old already, but in the sequences where he’s stayed healthy, he’s played with high-energy and aggression. The guy can clock some solid defensive minutes and grab some big boards. Hopefully, he can stay healthy next season, play some solid ball off the bench, and increase his value. Maybe he can be thrown into a trade around the deadline.

•   Everyone loves No. 4 … but what about No. 44!? I doubt the Bulls will grab a future All-Star in the second round, but Karnisovas has proven he can find rotation-worthy talent late in the draft. The more assets this team can grab, the better. I’m excited to see what he can pull off come draft night.

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