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Coaching Searches Are Unpredictable, Giannis’ Front Runners, Butler Just Wants to be Wanted, and Other Bulls Bits

Chicago Bulls

Last night was some of the most frustratingly entertaining basketball I’ve seen in quite some time. If you’re not watching the playoffs, you’re missing out (and saving hair).


•   The Chicago Bulls have created an online voting hub, where you can hear from current players, keep track of important dates, and find out how to register. Even better, according to their release shared Thursday morning, the Bulls and Blackhawks are working with local officials to turn the United Center into a polling place for the general election. Legwork still needs to be done, but the hope is that every arena or practice arena across the NBA will be transformed into a voting location by November (except Toronto, of course). Meanwhile, the Bulls shared that players recently went through a voting education session and that the front office will participate in a similar event later this month.

•   In other news, Scottie Pippen owned Richard Jefferson this morning.

•   The Brooklyn Nets caught all of us off guard when they announced that Steve Nash would serve as the organization’s next head coach. Other than his experience as a consultant with the Golden State Warriors over the last six seasons, Nash has never served as an NBA coach. For a team that hopes to be in the championship conversation as soon as next season, this feels like an incredibly bold move. At the same time, though, Nash has been praised his whole career for being one of the smartest players to ever take the court. Chances are if anyone can take on a head coach position completely cold, it’s him.

•   Also, this seems to be yet another massive example of the player empowerment era. Durant worked with Nash in Golden State and reportedly has quite a close relationship with the Hall of Famer. While Nash said he had always planned to eventually enter the coaching world, Durant’s stamp of approval probably sped up the process.

•   For the Bulls, this means one less team to worry about. Arturas Karnisovas is interviewing a wide range of candidates, and the quicker these other organizations snatch up names like Nash or Tryonn Lue (who is reportedly close to a deal with the 76ers), the more comfortable the Bulls front office can be with taking their time. With that said, I’d start to keep closer tabs on the Pelicans. While I still believe they’re in the market for a more experienced head coach to pair with Zion Williamson, if Lue comes off the board, I could see them take a stronger look at some up-and-coming assistants due to their younger roster. Although, as the Nash decision reminded us, this stuff can be very unpredictable.

•   Speaking of which, anyone interested in Chauncey Billups? According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, Billups is now another young, former-player who’s prepared to take a head coach gig. He definitely fits the Nash mold of being a highly-respected talent across the league. Plus, if you can connect with players, that’s sometimes enough to get your foot in the door. Still, if I’m the Bulls, I don’t take that risk. With no proven talent on the roster, I’d stay focused on someone who has plenty of experience on an NBA bench. I like the names currently on the Bulls list, and I expect the next head coach to be one of those candidates.

•   One report has the Miami Heat’s Dan Craig as big-time contender for the Bulls job. We first heard that the long-time Heat assistant was on the Bulls radar the other day, so this is something worth monitoring.

•   May I recommend Chicago?

•   Bleacher Report wrote about how to predict a draft bust, and according to their criteria, I’m pretty sure everyone in this draft is a bust.

•   Thank god we finally changed the front office.


Author: Elias Schuster

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