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A Fresh Set of NBA 2K Ratings, Avoiding Recycled Coaches, Westbrook Screaming, and Other Bulls Bits

Chicago Bulls

Since early middle school, I’ve done the same fantasy football league with the same guys. Today is our annual draft. For anyone who has a league similar to this, you know how important today is. What happens on the draft board over the next couple of hours will define the next six months of my life. Here we go.

•   Order up! We got a fresh set of NBA 2K Ratings hot and ready!


•   Considering last season went as well as the first time I tried to ask my girlfriend out (*not well*), I’m not shocked to see some underwhelming individual ratings for the Bulls young talent. With that said, how does Zach LaVine not receive even a one-point bump (2K20 also had him at an 85 overall)? I know he didn’t crack the All-Star roster, but he pretty easily had the best season of his career … come on, 2K. Additionally, I have little doubt that Coby White will prove he’s more that a 77 this season. If you want to check out the complete team and roster ratings 2K20, you can go here.

•   Sam Smith of Bulls.com talks about why signing a recycled coach isn’t in the cards for Chicago. At the end of the day, there just seems to be more pros to signing a newbie than a has-been. Unless the Bulls could snatch a top-tier coach away from another team, opting for a young assistant with a fresh perspective makes the most sense – especially for a team that’s in desperate need of a new identity. Arturas Karnisovas is said to have a great eye for talent, and hopefully that translates into the coaching world, as well. Oftentimes, the former head coach options on the market come with a preferred system or culture. The Bulls front office is still trying to figure out exactly what those two things will look like in Chicago. Not to mention, the roster could see a major shakeup over the next couple of seasons. Karnisovas probably wants someone who is not only adaptable, but can also grow with this organization. All of the names currently on the Bulls coaching list fit with that mindset.

•   Speaking of the coaching list, how about Mavericks assistant Stephen Silas?


•   Once again, the stars just didn’t aligned. I’ve certainly asked the “what if” question numerous times when it comes to Jimmy Butler, but the fact of the matter is he wasn’t ready for the Bulls and the Bulls weren’t ready for him. We should be thankful that he played a vital role in forcing much-needed change within the organization. Chances are if he stuck around, GarPax would fail to build around him properly, the Bulls would be a consistent low-end playoff seed, and we’d all be stuck in purgatory longer. The Butler situation needed to happen so Chicago could learn not to let it happen again.

•   He’s not 1. I can promise you that.


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