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The In-Market Bubble is Coming to Chicago, How About a New Head Coach? And Other Bulls Bits

Chicago Bulls

The girlfriend’s parents gifted us a fancy-schmancy charcuterie board this weekend, and you know we put it to good use. The beautiful thing about those glorious slabs of wood is that you can wolf down an unhealthy amount of meat and cheese but feel like it’s totally acceptable because you did so in a posh manner. Wait, maybe I should eat everything off of it? Hm.

•   Are we one week away from a major announcement? While Arturas Karnisovas made it very clear that there is no deadline for the Chicago Bulls head coach decision, we’re slowly but surely inching closer to resumed activity for the team. After a period of testing that will begin on September 14th, the Bulls will be able to hold voluntary group workouts in an in-market bubble. Considering the team hasn’t taken the court together since March, this two-week “training camp” could prove extremely beneficial to the players continued development – especially if a new coach is at the Advocate Center to lead the way.

•   Of course, it’s not the end of the world if the front office needs more time. All that matters is that the organization makes the right decision, and according to NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson, they’re still very much weighing their options. On the Bulls Talk Podcast published Tuesday morning, Johnson reported that the organization has multiple interviews scheduled this week. I feel relatively safe assuming these conversations are still considered “first-round” interviews, as no one has reported a cut-down list of candidates yet. Then again, Karnisovas keeps things close to the chest, which means it’s totally possible he blindsides us with an announcement sometime soon. So, for the time being, perhaps consider putting down any hot beverages or small children before reading any notifications. We don’t want any excitement-induced injuries.

•   The right answer is Brain Scalabrine.

•   In all seriousness, Steve Kerr is probably the right answer. The guy could not only come in an offer a skill set that no one else could, but he did it at an incredibly elite level. With that said, Toni Kukoc should be in the conversation. I give Kerr the edge strictly because he was more of a true “reserve,” but Kukoc did come off the bench for the majority of the 72-win season and serves as the team’s third-leading scorer.

•   Can I also throw Nate Robinson into that conversation, too? He was no Kerr or Kukoc, but the way he carried the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Semifinals was *chefs kiss.* Robinson truly made that one of the more fun seasons in recent Bulls history, and he’ll be a fan-favorite in Chicago for years to come.

•   There is nothing quite like the United Center during a close playoff game. I can’t wait until Bulls fans can bring that energy again. #WearAMask

•   I got to admit, this whole integrating guests into the bubble thing has worked pretty darn well (*knocks on wood*). I don’t love the idea of new people coming in right at the home stretch, but they’re basically just swapping spots with people who are on their way out, which feels like the right way to do this.

•   Also, I could devour more of this reunited family content than Joey Chestnut can hot dogs. Keep it coming.

Author: Elias Schuster

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