Moving Back the NBA Draft (Again), How About that Raptors-Celtics Game? And Other Bulls Bits

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Moving Back the NBA Draft (Again), How About that Raptors-Celtics Game? And Other Bulls Bits

Chicago Bulls

BREAKING NEWS: Football, basketball, and baseball will all be played tonight.

•   ICYMI: The NBA is planning to push back the NBA Draft, the beginning of free agency, and the start of the 2020-21 season (I know, major bummer … but it makes sense). Initially, it had been reported that the league would still hold the draft sometime in October, but new reports yesterday are estimating a roughly one month delay. Originally scheduled for October 16th, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the alternative date in mind is currently November 18th. The Board of Governors will discuss whether this is the appropriate date in meetings today and tomorrow.

•   I can’t complain too much about further delays – especially when I consider how lucky we’ve been to have a somewhat steady flow of off-court Bulls news these last couple of months – but I’m antsy. The draft and free agency is when we can turn our attention to the actual roster and get all-too optimistic about improved play. Plus, with a new front office in place, both those two offseason events should feel way more fun than years past. With that said, I understand why this has to be done. The league can not hold a draft without having the salary cap situation figured out. Teams will feel constricted if they don’t know their exact finances for the upcoming season. We don’t want that. We want an eventful draft night (after all, we know Karnisovas likes to make moves).


•   Perhaps it’s just the basketball high I got from watching big-time bucket after big-time bucket fall through the hoop, but that’s the best game we’ve seen this season, right? Both teams played with an impressively absurd level of intensity, and I think we can all agree this series deserves a Game 7. Speaking of which, how impressive are these Raptors? I know it’s been talked about all season long, but to lose Kawhi Leonard and still manage to be in clear contention for an NBA Finals appearance is … wow. Head coach Nick Nurse deserves just as much praise as these Raptors players. He said screw the championship hangover and kept these guys locked in from Day 1. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes (and whatever else can physically be crossed) that the Bulls new hire has even 65 percent of Nurse’s head coaching talent.

•   Also, last night’s game was the first of its kind since 2009. Hm, I wonder what multiple-OT game happened in 2009 to force a Game 7 [wink wink] ?????????

•   We need the Bulls back in the playoffs ASAP. I miss this city going berserk for this team. I know it feels like recently a lot of fans have jumped ship, but the Bulls have a way of bringing this city together. The moment they show signs of life on the court again, we’re going to see some insanely rowdy United Center crowds, and I can’t wait.

•  I guess Danuel House needed a little extra testing.

•   Michael Porter Jr. has still got a lot to learn. Yeesh.

•   Want to see something beautiful? No problem …


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