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Can Derrick Rose Still Be a Part of the Bulls Future? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Another football Sunday … another fantasy win? After starting 0-2 thanks to some unfortunate injury trouble and matchups, I claimed my first W last week. Slowly but surely, the Schuster Front Office is rebuilding this team mid-season. After some trades and waiver wire pickups, I’ve feeling decent heading into today … which probably means I’m about to get slaughter.

•   Will Derrick Rose ever play a game for the Bulls again?

•   I think that’s a question many of us have asked ourselves over the last couple of years. Every time the Chicago native has gotten a chance to comment on a return to his former team, he’s left the door wide open. He’ll be a free agent in 2021 when the Bulls should have plenty of cap space at their disposal. To be clear, the team’s focus will 100 percent be on catching a big fish, but if they have some leftover cash, who’s to say it shouldn’t go to Rose? Over the past couple of seasons, he has proven to be a more than serviceable sixth man. His veteran smarts have already drawn interest in the trade market a couple of times, and I if the Pistons don’t move on from him over the next season, competing teams will likely be in the mix for him one season from now. The Bulls are apparently planning for a relatively quick turnaround when it comes to competing for the playoffs, so adding an experience piece like Rose could actually make sense down the road.

•   With all of that said, it’s totally fair to prefer Rose’s Chicago story to be over. Sure, I bet fans would shower him with love all the same, but it’s not worth the risk of opening old wounds. At the end of the day, the team shouldn’t go out of their way to make a reunion happen, and I doubt think they will with this entirely new front office in place (no real attachment). If Rose were to return to Chicago, it would have to be strictly a basketball decision. Again, if the team does turn things around relatively fast, though, it could turn out to be a reasonable decision.

•   Anyway, I sure do like the Bulls current point guard.

•   White has got to improve in several areas to become the team’s lead guard, but I’m optimistic he’ll get it done. He has the right balance of natural talent and basketball IQ to continue trending in the right direction. The fact that we saw him take a big jump over the teams last 15 games tells us a lot about his work ethic and growth potential. Also, if he was able to fight out of a slump and perform the way he did with Boylen as his head coach, this about what someone like Billy Donovan can do for him. While I think we’ll see a similar bucket-getting White at the beginning of next season, I also think we’ll see a much more well-rounded one. Donovan’s simple offensive approach should help open up the floor for White and allow him to test out more areas of his game. We should see his assist numbers go up as the clear-cut starter and his efficiency around the rim take a step in the right direction. Also, Donovan isn’t afraid of the mid-range, which White shot plenty during his days at UNC. I’m just very much looking forward to watching White get a real chance to shine next season. I’ve been on the bandwagon since Day 1, and I’m not getting off now.

•   I’m obsessive so I like looking at all the training camp photos the team shares each day. If you want to be weird like me, you can check them out here.

•   A lot has gone into making this weird Bulls offseason work.

•   Zach needs your help.

•   I’m serious, can we just sign this kid to a contract right now? There is no way he doesn’t end up a baller.

Author: Elias Schuster

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