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Origin Stories, Turning the Bulls Around Quickly, the NBA Returns to China, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

When I was but a wee boy, my family and I ventured out to Michigan avenue, frolicking through the shops and eateries during a warm summer afternoon. While passing the old Tribune Tower, I caught a glimpse of a newspaper out of the corner of my eye. My parents admired the skyline as I stumbled over toward the paper. The wind blew it a bit further back. I followed. A bit further. I followed. Once I finally gripped my hands on that magical piece of journalism, I was standing in an alleyway with the family nowhere in sight.

A scared youngin, I belted. PAPA! MAMA! Nothing. I was lost, and who knew if I’d ever be found. I curled up next to a dumpster and began to cry. Would I have to eat leftover deep dish to survive? Should I sleep under the Picasso? Then, out of the blue, I heard a voice. “Hey there kiddo, is something wrong?” I looked up to see a slim yet toned individual. His head dipped right below the hot sun, and the rays made it hard to make out his face. The man leaned down and reached out his hand. I cowered in fear. In his other hand, he held this orange orb. I had never seen anything so beautiful. The man began to spin it on his finger, and asked “want to try?”

As I stepped a bit closer, I got my first real look at the man. He was wearing a red jersey, No. 23 to be exact. “Let’s find your parents,” he said. I took his hand and we rounded the corner, only to bump right into my family who was still admiring the skyline. Apparently, I had been gone for no less than 30 seconds. The tall man described what had happened to my family, and they thanked him for being so helpful. Before we went our separate ways, I tugged on his shorts and said, “sir, whatever it is, take it personally.” He gave me his promise.

Anyways, so that’s how I became a Bulls fan.


(Considering long, drawn-out sarcasm can sometimes be missed in writing, I’m obviously joking … I was just born a Chicago sports fan and grew to love basketball. Pretty boring.)

•   LET’S GET WEIRD! With a new front office at the helm of this organization, there is no telling what this upcoming offseason will look like. While it’s best to head in with limited expectations, the new Bulls have already shown fans that they want a quick turnaround. Both Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley have made it clear they think this roster, as currently constructed, is better than 22 wins. However, I don’t think that mean’s they’ll sit on their hands if an opportunity to enhance the roster presents itself over the next couple of months. We’ve already seen Karnisovas go out of his way to land Billy Donovan, and who’s to say he will not take a similar approach in free agency or the trade market? The guys on the Bulls Talk Podcast briefly covered this topic, and it’s worth a listen.

•   I also touched on the subject yesterday, reminding folks that no one on this current roster can be deemed untouchable. Again, I think the front office will head into this offseason with a plan to keep things intact, and a real trade will not happen until at least next season’s deadline, but it’s just a fact that this isn’t the same organization we’ve grown accustomed to. The new leaders aren’t emotionally attached to any certain piece, and no one on this roster has proven they’re a must-keep. When that’s the case, it’s possible we could see the Bulls name come up in conversations we didn’t necessarily expect. You just never know.

•   The more realistic way the Bulls will add some new talent this offseason will be via free agency. As we’ve discussed, the front office doesn’t have much to work with. The team will only have enough cap space to sign a bench role player or two, but that doesn’t mean this player can’t prove to be a vital part of the rotation next season. For more on who we can consider in the Bulls ballpark, make sure to check out our post from a couple of weeks back. Oh, and if you want a better understanding of their cap space, check this out. For what it’s worth, Bleacher Report tabbed Jae Crowder as the team’s best and most realistic option in free agency, but I think even he might be a stretch. The guys value has gone up quite a bit with this playoff run, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the Heat wanted to keep him around.

•   The NBA is back in China.


•   Play it on a loop.

•   I’m not sure I’ll be running to an IMA theater any time soon, but this looks pretty cool.


Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is a writer for Bleacher Nation and a human being. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.