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Moving On Up, Draft Night Chaos, Roster Rankings, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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Now, let’s talk basketball …

•   One month from today, we’ll anxiously watch Arturas Karnisovas make his first draft selection as leader of the Chicago Bulls. With player interviews and in-market workouts just ramping up, opinions will change and rumors will leak in the coming weeks. I wish we could say with some confidence who the Bulls would consider at the No. 4 slot, but it’s hard to even be confident in the fact that they’ll truly draft from that position. Trading down will likely be a conversation among fans and analysts alike all the way up until November 18th. Not only has Karnisovas been one to make moves in the past, but it just feels like a reasonable decision considering the lack of top-tier talent in this class.

•   Draft boards will be all over the place, and it could be the perfect opportunity for the Bulls to grab some additional assets. And if this is, in fact, the direction Karnisovas chooses to go, I think we should all feel pretty content. The guy has demonstrated a keen eye for talent numerous times. If he believes the player he can grab at No. 8 is just as valuable as the player at No. 4, it’s probably a move worth making. With that said, there is also always the possibility that the Bulls new front office views things the other way. What if the Bulls are actually in love with one of the top-4 projected prospects? So much so that they want to ensure they get their hands on that player? Well, that’s when a team trades up, and NBC Sports’ Tom Haberstroh apparently views that as a real possibility: “I think [Karnišovas] might move up, because I think No. 1 with Minnesota and No. 2 (with Golden State) is going to be readily available,” Haberstroh told NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson on the latest episode of the Bulls Talk Podcast. “I would be surprised if you didn’t see Charlotte (at  No. 3) or Chicago move up in the draft.”

•   Here’s the thing, I know the T-Wolves and Warriors are curious about moving out of their slots, but I’m not sure the Bulls should be the ones to take their place. I don’t want to be hypocritical because I do trust Karnisovas’ opinion, but giving up some assets to move up a couple of spots just doesn’t feel worth it in this draft. I think this Bulls front office knows that. Now, Haberstroh also did share a more overarching point that I think is very true: “I also just think people are going to be more trigger-happy, make some deals because they’ve been so far away, so far removed from real NBA stuff that I do think there’s going to be a circus on draft night with the No. 1 pick. Top five I just think it’s just going to be all hands on deck.” I’m ready for some chaos.

•   Can the Bulls sign him now? No? I don’t care. Do it anyway.

•   NBAMath’s rankings of the 2019-20 Chicago Bulls went pretty much as expected. The Bulls have zero players currently in the “solid starters” category, according to their evaluation. Zach LaVine is considered the team’s only “high-end starter,” while guys like Carter Jr., Markkanen, and Porter are “low-end starters.” Meanwhile, Coby White hasn’t found his way out of the “high-end backups” section quite yet. A couple of games into next season, I suspect that to change.

•   Speaking of which, can’t wait to see plenty more of these performances in Year 2.

Author: Elias Schuster

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