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Zach LaVine is a “Hot Name” in Trade Talks Around the League

Chicago Bulls

No one is off the table in Chicago, and the entire league seems to know that. Just a couple of hours after we got word of a possible draft-night trade centered around Wendell Carter Jr., Vincent Goodwill reminded us that Zach LaVine is the most talked about player on the trade market.

According to the Yahoo Sports senior writer, LaVine continues to be a “hot name” around the league, but the Chicago Bulls have yet to hear an offer they like:

All things considered, this potential Zach LaVine trade news doesn’t come as a big surprise. We learned on November 12th that multiple teams have called Chicago about LaVine’s availability, with the Dallas Mavericks listed as one possible suitor. However, it is interesting to hear of one other team possible in the mix – the Philadelphia 76ers.

As an organization also in the midst of front-office change, specifically with the addition of former Rockets GM Daryl Morey, it appears they might be ready to shake-up the current roster. The team does have several intriguing assets to offer up, but as Goodwill points out, the Bulls have clearly not been impressed with any proposal thus far.

Even under new management, the assumption has always been that the Bulls highly value LaVine’s services. The 25-year-old is on an incredibly valuable contract, considering his recent output, and there is no doubt Chicago would require a pretty impressive return in any kind of deal. The front office might be eager to turn this roster into something more their own, but that doesn’t mean they have any intention to just trade players off for the sake of moving on. The fact that they have “rebuffed overtures” is proof of that philosophy.

At the same time, it’s very noteworthy this chatter continues. If this many teams want Zach LaVine, who’s to say one doesn’t offer up a strong enough package to pry him away?

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