To Trade or Not to Trade? And Other Bulls Bullets

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To Trade or Not to Trade? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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•   Should we be happy or sad about a quiet trade deadline? I feel pretty indifferent about it today, which is odd when we consider how desperately we’ve sought out action over the past few seasons. But I guess that’s because a page has finally turned in Chicago. The Bulls are actually winning games now, so much so that this roster could easily fight for a playoff seed in a crowded Eastern Conference. Would they do much with that playoff appearance? Doubtful, but I can’t be the only one who doesn’t mind watching some competitive basketball for once. Not to mention, there is no question that a good way to teach winning basketball – something this coaching staff is trying to accomplish with its young players – is by … ya know … winning basketball games.

•   At the same time, that doesn’t mean I’d want this front office to become buyers. Not only do I think there will be a lack of high-impact talent in this season’s trade market, but I also don’t think the Bulls are in a position to risk greater financial flexibility for the sake of ensuring a playoff berth. No matter the move they make – unless Zach LaVine convinced Kevin Durant and Steph Curry to demand trades to the Bulls when they arrive home – the Bulls will not be a significant threat to make any kind of real noise in the playoffs. With that being the case, I’m more than fine staying the course. For now, they should continue to evaluate. Continue to develop these young players. Continue to compete. Then, the proper adjustment can be made during a financially-favorable offseason.

•   According to recent reports, that seems to be exactly the direction the Bulls are trending. Signs have pointed to players like Thaddeus Young and Garrett Temple remaining in Chicago through this season despite receiving interest around the league. Earlier today, The Action Network’s Matt Moore also straight-up wrote that, while the Bulls will take calls, they are no longer “itching” to find deals. More on that below …

•   Here is something I actually didn’t think about until now: Doesn’t the use of “no longer” imply the opposite was the case somewhat recently? In other words, it kind of sounds like the Bulls might have been “itching to make moves” at some point, which leaves me asking when? And for whom? Hm. I don’t want to harp on this too long since it’s probably just a semantics argument. But if the Bulls were, in fact, eager to make moves at some point this season, then that could signify things might lean back toward that philosophy in the future.

•   Great listen from the Cash Consideration gang and NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson.

•   The guys conversation about the relationship of head coach Billy Donovan and Arturas Karnisovas got me thinking. With the goal of the organization to implement a new culture and player-first environment, couldn’t less movement at the trade deadline make even more sense? Everything we have seen thus far seems to indicate that the atmosphere inside the Advocate Center and United Center is overwhelming optimistic. The players have bought-in to Donovan’s product, and it has led to the start of shaping an identity for the first time in years. Business is business, and the organization is certainly not in a position to turn down offers willy nilly, but I do think the strides behind the scenes could play a big role in the hesitation to shake things up mid-season. The offseason is a far more reasonable and organic time to switch the roster around, so the front office may want to keep Young and Temple around for the remainder of the season just to ensure a foundation is set.

•   The Athletic’s staff gave some mid-season predictions, and David Aldridge picked the Bulls to make the playoffs! Woohoo! The article also has LaVine finishing 4th for Most Improved Player.

•   Zach is right, this is dope.

•   Allen Robinson is coming for you, Woj.

•   Hi, I’d like to place an order for more of this.

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