Trade Deadline Week is Here, Jazz Come to Town, Gafford's Spark, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Trade Deadline Week is Here, Jazz Come to Town, Gafford’s Spark, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Happy Trade Deadline Week!

The Chicago Bulls have until Thursday a 2:00 p.m. CT to make some moves – for now, or the future. While the Bulls haven’t been tied to many massive rumors, there’s no question that they check all the right boxes to be thrown into conversations over the next few days. They have young players, a new front office, a new coaching staff, a new will to win, and plenty of cap space opening up this summer. I’ll be drinking lots of coffee, eating a bunch of pixie sticks (do those still exist?), and constantly shining a bright light in my face (is that safe?)! I’m ready to pounce on the latest!

•   ICYMI: Here are the two most recent reports about the Bulls and the deadline …

•   We’ll have a rumor round-up post coming some time later today too, so keep an eye out for that.

•   In non-trade-deadline news (boring, I know), the Bulls won a basketball game last night! That’s right, instead of beating the crap out of our hearts with another late-game collapse, Billy Donovan’s squad actually managed to extend their lead in the second half. The Bulls outscored the Pistons 54-41 in the final two quarters after being up by just one at halftime. We definitely can’t be convinced that this team is back on a positive track, but any win is a good win at this point in the season. All we can do now is hope that finally avoiding massive late-game issues can give this team confidence to play a more complete 48 minutes.

•   Fortunately, we should know whether or not a flip has switched for this team as soon as tonight. The Bulls will face the Utah Jazz (30-11) for the first time this season at 8:00 p.m. CT. I think I speak for most when I say I’m not expecting a win. Instead, all I’m really hoping for is a competitive effort from start to finish – perhaps something similar to what we saw against the 76ers the first time the Bulls played them. I especially hope to see this because of the rather mellow start the Jazz have had to this second half. After being one of the hottest teams in the league over the first several months, they have recently cooled down with just a three-point victory over the Raptors and a 9-point loss to the Wizards. If those squads can put up a fight, the Bulls should be able to, as well.

•   The man has got a point.

•   Head coach Billy Donovan said he is running the point guard position by committee, which only adds to speculation that the Bulls might look for a more reliable option at the trade deadline. I’m all for sniffing around, but I also wouldn’t be too eager to make an immediate fix. Remember, the Bulls are set to have some solid flexibility this offseason, so that might be a better time to solve the problem since they wouldn’t have to give up assets. And if they do choose to not acquire a guard this week, I don’t see why Devon Dotson shouldn’t be given a shot. The rookie guard played fairly well in the G-League bubble, and he does possess the speed and ball-handling that could fit nicely with this offense.

•   Are we about to see more Daniel Gafford? The second-year big man looked like the sparkplug he used to be in last night’s victory. He recorded 8 points and 11 rebounds in just 14 minutes of action, finishing the game with a bench-best +10. I’m curious to see if Donovan gives him another chance in a much more complicated matchup against Rudy Gobert.

•   Why does the offense just forget how to do this sometimes?

•   Patrick Williams continues to cut like a beast.

•   ICYMI: LaMelo Ball could be out for the remainder of the season, and that could have quite the impact on the Eastern Conference playoff race.

•   Meanwhile, in the West …

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.