Zach LaVine Didn't Hesitate to Welcome His New All-Star Teammate to Chicago

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Zach LaVine Didn’t Hesitate to Welcome His New All-Star Teammate to Chicago

Chicago Bulls

Chances are, March 25th is now a holiday in the LaVine household.

After years of being shoved to the front of the line to man face-of-the-franchise responsibilities for a rebuilding organization, Zach LaVine finally got some help. The Bulls elite 26-year-old scorer will now get to play alongside Nikola Vucevic – a 2x All-Star center in the midst of his best season. To say LaVine was excited about the addition would probably be an understatement, or at least that’s the way it comes off in Vucevic’s latest interview with Alex Kennedy of

According to Vooch, LaVine picked up the phone right away after he learned of the trade, and he offered his new teammates anything he needed to get acclimated in the Windy City.

“But also, Zach has been great with [welcoming me]. As soon as I got traded, he called me and said he was very excited that I was coming. He was super happy, and he said if there was anything I needed in the city, he could help me. Things like a car, a place to stay, a chef or whatever, he said he could help me out because he’s been there for a bit. That’s always great to see, when you have the best player on the team welcoming you and helping you with things like that. I really appreciated it. He understands that it isn’t easy to move, so I appreciated that.”

Did we just become best friends!?

I’m sure there are players out there who always offer a helping hand to their new teammates, but to see it come from the best player to a fellow top talent is always a good sign. These two seem eager to make things work from the jump, and that’s just encouraging news for Bulls fans.

I mean, look at these two already working through things on the court! One chef, one mind – that’s what I always say.

Anyway, Vucevic talked more about his trade to Chicago and hopes for the future in his Q&A with Kennedy below, so make sure to give it a read.

Author: Elias Schuster

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