The Fans Who Disrespected Russell Westbrook and Trae Young Have Been Banned Indefinitely

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The Fans Who Disrespected Russell Westbrook and Trae Young Have Been Banned Indefinitely

Chicago Bulls

On Wednesday night, two basketball fans completely crossed the line.

When the Washington Wizards Russell Westbrook suffered an apparent ankle injury and began to walk back into the locker room, a Philidelphia 76ers fan dumped popcorn on him as he passed through the tunnel. Westbrook, understandable, looked as if he wanted to confront the fan and was held back by team personnel.

Then, during the New York Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks game, a Knicks fan could be seen trying to spit on Trae Young.

Why either fan thought this was remotely acceptable is completely beyond me. Booing, chanting, and chirping may all be a part of the game atmosphere, but when actions are taken to personally or physically disrespect players, it’s classless. Fortunately, both fans have now been banned indefinitely.

The 76ers released a statement apologizing to Westbrook, noting the fan who committed the action had his season ticket membership revoked immediately and will not be allowed to attend any events at Wells Fargo Arena.

The New York Knicks responded to their situation similarly, releasing a statement saying the fan who spit has been identified and banned from Madison Square Garden.

The NBA has now said that an advanced code of conduct will be administered to ensure that no further actions like this happen again.

The fact the NBA has to release such a message is unfortunate, and I’m hoping we get through the rest of the postseason smoothly. Anyway, Westbrook summed up how it feels to be on the players side quite well, so I’ll end things with that:

Author: Elias Schuster

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