Team USA Training Camp, Vooch's (Lacking) Vertical, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Team USA Training Camp, Vooch’s (Lacking) Vertical, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

We’ve got a short set of Bulls Bullets for you today, because there’s much more coming!

•  In case you missed it, Zach LaVine’s tampering extravaganza starts today!

•   Let’s just hope the tampering occurs in the correct direction.

•   Weird Fact: Nikola Vucevic has the 5th-lowest recorded vertical in NBA combine history.

The worst leapers ever at the draft combine

•   Who needs to jump when you’re seven feet tall, right!? Vucevic is by far the best player on this list, and I think it just goes to show how unique of a talent he really turned out to be. While his stats make him look like a natural athleticism, Vucevic has really become a master of technique on the offensive end. Whether it be his quick turnaround hooks in post-up situations or his smooth pick-and-pop 3-pointer, Vucevic is a methodical and smart player who finds his sweep spots.

•   Considering Vooch’s lack of raw athleticism, I went to check how many dunks he had this season. Want to take a guess? WRONG (maybe). He dunked the ball just 19 times this season despite playing 70 games, which ranked 147th in the league, per Basketball-Reference. Thaddeus Young (22), Lauri Markkanen (33), Patrick Williams (51), and Zach LaVine (53) all slamed it home more than him.

•   Coby exposing the soon-to-be NBA rookie.

•   NUTS.

•   Rachel Nichols hosted The Jump as normal on Monday, offering an apology for her leaked thoughts about fellow ESPN reporter Maria Taylor receiving opportunities only due to diversity efforts by the network. In my opinion, the apology read hollow. The fact both Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson spoke longer on the matter was troubling, and this surely feels like an issue that will continue to linger over ESPN in the coming weeks/months.

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