Team USA Is Back, Baby! Renovating Courts, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Team USA Is Back, Baby! Renovating Courts, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls


•   After two extremely disappointing exhibition losses, Kevin Durant and Co. looked way more like we expected as they cruised to an easy 108-80 victory over Argentina. So what change? Well, I know one thing …

•   Zach LaVine gets his first start as a member of Team USA and they pull off their first dominant victory of the year? Coincidence!? I THINK NOT!

•   Ok, fine, it was maybe a coincidence, but LaVine did play some really good basketball. The Bulls All-Star played with a bit more offensive aggressiveness during this contest, and I loved what I saw off the ball. While the team’s lack of chemistry still tends to show itself with some spacing issues, LaVine looked pretty aware of where to be, how to cut, and when to demand the ball. The dude simply looked like a winning player last night, and I think that shows itself in the box score with his +26 mark, which was second-highest on the team.

•   Team USA also did a much better job at not hunting for fouls and actually attacking the rim. As NBC Sports Chicago Rob Schafer pointed out, Team USA won the paint battle 40-28 after losing it 44-24 against Australia. While I know the team is a bit undersized in the frontcourt, the sheer athleticism of this team should put up a real fight in that department on a nightly basis.

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•   Luis Scola is 41-years-old and still beating dudes down in the paint.

•   Brb gonna go Tattoo this on my back.

•   When Kawhi Leonard failed to return in the Eastern Conference Finals, this felt like a possible outcome.

•   Fortunately, when you’re a two-time NBA champion and one of the best two-way players in the world, an ACL injury should not have much of an impact on the money you can grab in free agency. Leonard can test the free-agent waters this summer if he turns down his $36.5 million player option. Most signs put to him signing an extension with the Clippers, but we all know how crazy the NBA can be.

•   As always, interesting read here from K.C. Johnson. Some good quick thoughts on the Dejounte Murray chatter.

•   Speaking of Murray …

•   Candace Parker has become the first female athlete to appear on an NBA 2k franchise. Chicago represent!

•   Lace ’em up and meet me here in 20mins. 

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.